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Two more BDR members tortured in custody!

By Jahangir Alam Akash, Another two Bangladesh Rifles (BDR) members tortured and struggle for their life while they were in safe custody. The tortured were admitted to the Dhaka Medical College Hospital (DMCH) on 14th September, 2009. They were tortured by the members of Task Force for Interrogation (TFI) cell during questioning about BDR mutiny case. Members of the TFI cell and New Market police admitted them at around 5:00pm. Source: the daily Star, 15th September, 2009.

Sources said, the ailing BDR members are Reazul Islam, 22, of Battalion-5 in Khagrachhari, and Mohammad Arafat, 24, of Battalion-13 in Dhaka. Both the BDR members were present at BDR Headquarters during the so-called mutiny on February 25-26. They bore severe injury marks on their knees, which indicate they suffered torture, sources added. While lying on the DMCH bed, one of the BDR members said, "We were tortured brutally during the interrogation since we had been taken to the TFI cell on 10th September, 2009." New Market Police Station officer-in-charge told, "We were told from Pilkhana over phone about the sickness of two BDR members and then our men took the members to hospital." Asked about the sickness of the two members, Senior Assistant Superintendent of Police Abdul Kahar Akand of CID said, "I heard about the sickness but yet to know the cause as they were being interrogated under TFI cell." "We have taken 16 more jawans on Thursday for interrogation under TFI cell," Akand, also the main investigating officer of the mutiny case, added.

Mentioned that, at least 39 BDR members were unnaturally death and most of were died after brutal tortured. The authority couldn’t submit the investigation report about unnatural death of the BDR members in last long four months. The probe committee has demand another two months for investigation.

Who were the masterminds of so-called BDR mutiny nation couldn’t know. When would be clear about mutiny we don’t have no idea. Because, in Bangladesh after every incident from government side says, ‘we would find out the culprits and they should be punished’. But, after some day’s masterminds of the said incident goes to more dark. It’s a culture of Bangladesh. And the killers, criminals are always getting impunity.

On 25-26th February, 2009 at Pilkhana BDR headquarters some of BDR members were revolt and during that time they were mass killings to the meritorious army, looting their money, gold and other wealth’s, mass raped to army officers wife, daughter. By so-called mutineers killed at least 75 persons including 58 meritorious army officers. It was a gross human rights violation after the brutal killings of the father of the nation Bangabondhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman in Bangladesh.

We want to see fair trial about the real and accused mutineer. We know that, some BDR members already died after torture during the detention. Whole nation are waiting for see the justice regarding BDR mutiny. We also want to see the enquiry report about BDR mutiny and killings.


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