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ribo jude | 10/14/2017 8:28:01 PM

I wish u

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Justice Ackon | 11/1/2017 11:15:40 PM


garba salu | 2/20/2018 11:45:17 PM


bernard amoateng. | 3/29/2018 11:04:52 PM

Kwaku Anyidoho must give us break,coup d,tat is not a good thing so he need to be jail.

Nanim Adbul Fatwa | 5/24/2018 11:54:12 AM


John armah | 10/24/2019 7:54:02 PM


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Bagfoe gloira | 11/17/2019 10:34:44 AM

hdjfk dfhs

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Baffoe gloria | 11/17/2019 8:07:54 PM

l need to opein the tv stasin

Ernest Opoku Manu | 3/23/2020 4:26:19 PM

Now the world is on crisis..there is a fear, fear of the unknown. Now we view everyone as a hazard. Can't even shake hands how can we hug? Greatest scientists in the world today has no answers as to the cause of the disease or exactly how it spread and the solution.

The Bible long ago said something about the pestilence we are seeing in this our era .(Luke 21:11, Revelation 6:8) It simply proves we are living in the last days. Let's all give ears to God's word.

"We have lost control, we have killed the epidemic physically and mentally. Can't understand what more we can do, all solutions are exhausted on ground. Our only hope remains up in the Sky, God rescue your people"

Hmm...Giuseppe Conte is totally right... We humbly come before You O Jehovah God please rescue your sons. We have no strength nor power, no wisdom nor intelligence, no answer nor solution... We look up to You Our Sovereign God. We trust in You alone.

Now all human turns insects, and we fear Convid-19 insecticides spray. We are quarantining ourselves, washing our hands 50 times a day, covering our nose and so fact this is not the solution because convid-19 is still taken our lives...don't even know what to say in tears...

Our hope is in You O Jehovah...
In You we trust...
Accept our petition..
Rescue Your people O Jehovah

Theophilus | 3/25/2020 12:56:44 PM

Em... Please someone should answer me please. What site should I Go to learn online which people mostly call it E-Learning


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