Ministry will not interfere in GFA's activities


Mr Joe Aggrey, Deputy Minister of Youth and Sports said that his ministry would not interfere in the activities of the new Ghana Football Association (GFA) Management Board if it threads the path of responsibility and meets the aspirations of Ghanaians.

Speaking to the GNA Sports in his office on Friday, Mr Aggrey pledged the full support of his ministry to the GFA and prayed that all members of the new board should forge a united front to work in the interest of Ghana football.

He said he was very happy about the manner in which the chairman was chosen, as one of the candidates stepped down and there was no election, which would otherwise, have created bad blood between the winner and the vanquished.

The Deputy Minster said it is the wish of the ministry that the GFA would operate as one family, devoid of traits of infighting and acrimony that characterised the tenure of the immediate past administration.

He said he has a lot of confidence in the new board and that it is incumbent on them to come out with programmes that would redeem our sinking soccer and hike it to continental apex once more.

Mr Aggrey said Ghana is now reaping the whirlwind of bad planning in soccer and expressed the hope the new GFA would pursue a viable youth programme to sow the seed for a glorious redemption that would enable Ghana to be represented at the 2006 World Cup in Germany.

He said the redemption programme would require transparency from all stakeholders including parents, teachers, coaches, club officials, the GFA ad the ministry, since it would be imperative for the correct ages of our youth players to be declared.

The Deputy Minister said he is happy the new GFA chairman has vowed to make youth development his priority since the success of such a policy would translate into the Black Stars and bring the smiles back onto the faces of Ghanaians.

Mr Aggrey said a dutiful and responsible GFA would allow the ministry to tackle the development of other sporting disciplines instead of concentrating all efforts on soccer administration.

He called on every Ghanaian to support the new GFA in every manner to enable them to steer our soccer to a new pedestal of triumph, respect and pride. -

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