Serie A Set To Return On June 2 As Italy Prepares To Emerge From Lockdown

By Eurosport
Football News Serie A Set To Return On June 2 As Italy Prepares To Emerge From Lockdown
APR 27, 2020 LISTEN

Serie A is planning to return to action on June 2 as Italy prepares to begin the process of phasing out the nationwide lockdown.

The Italian prime minister Giuseppe Conte has said that the country will begin to relax social distancing measures from May 4, and the plan is that players of the country’s top-flight sides will return to full training on May 18.

Any return to regular action in Italy will be welcome news to clubs of England’s Premier League, who have themselves put tentative plans in place for training to resume for players during May.

The UK has shown itself to be roughly 2-3 weeks behind Italy in terms of cases, hospitalisations and deaths related to coronavirus. There are as of yet no plans in place for the country to emerge from lockdown, with the government coming under pressure to show it has some exit strategy for the enforced shutdown that was put in place in March.

Italian PM Conte said: “You have all shown strength, courage, sense of responsibility and community.

“Now the phase of living with the virus begins for everyone and we must be aware that during Phase Two, there is the risk we’ll see the curve climb in some areas of the country.

“It’ll be even more important to maintain social distancing, at least one metre.

“Even when seeing family, we must still maintain this precaution, because the scientists tell us that at least one out of four infections come via family members.

“If we do not respect social distancing, the curve will climb again, so will the number of deaths, and we will have irreversible damage to our economy. If you love this country, then respect social distancing.”

Phase Two will see the lockdown eased, some travel allowed within regions and greater freedom for outdoor exercise, but still maintaining social distancing guidelines and banning travel between regions unless necessary.

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