23.03.2020 Football News

Neil Armstrong-Mortagbe Writes: Focus Is Key, Phobians

By Neil Armstrong-Mortagbe
Neil Armstrong-Mortagbe Writes: Focus Is Key, Phobians
LISTEN MAR 23, 2020

For some time now, I have observed a trend. It appears that there is a section of the media whose primary agenda is to sow seeds of discord and doubt about Glorious Accra Hearts of Oak.

Even when we have reason to be happy about something, a way is found to get Phobians grumbling again. Headlines of stories are clearly structured to raise negative sentiment about the club. Narratives are put together to denigrate our club...

And sadly, a lot of Phobians get sucked into the trap of these media persons and rain all manner of invectives upon our leaders and other club functionaries. This is MOST UNFORTUNATE!!!!!

True, we are all anxious for our club to return to the Pinnacle of Ghana and African Football so our concerns are perfectly understood and justified. But when we turn on each other with language that some would not use on their sworn enemies, what are we doing to ourselves???? Is it one PHOBIA that we are supporting??? If it is, then I respectfully call upon us all to rise above our differences in opinion and approach and ACTIVELY SEEK TO CHAMPION THE CAUSE OF ACCRA HEARTS OF OAK AT ALL TIMES!!

With focus and unified Purpose, Phobia shall surely rise again!!!!

I salute you, Phobians!!! Please be safe and careful as we fight to overcome the threat of the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19). Let's bear one another up and remain dedicated to the cause of Glorious Accra Hearts of Oak!!!!

Never Ever Say Die!!!!!

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