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29.11.2019 Football News

Dr Kofi Amoah Is A Thief, Says Top Football Administrator

By Samuel Ekow Amoasi Appiah
Dr Kofi Amoah Is A Thief, Says Top Football Administrator

The life financier of Berekum Arsenal, Alhaji Yakubu Moro has taken a swipe at the chairman of the Normalization Committee, Dr. Kofi Amoah over what he describes as fraudulent payment sanctioned as legal charges from the arbitration settlement by Globacom Ghana.

On Thursday, the Ghana Football Association announced that US$ 900,000 out of the US$ 1,000,000 was paid into their account on Wednesday.

According to Dr Kofi Amoah, the 10% of the total payment of $1m USD, being $100,000 US Dollars, was paid as legal charges to the Lawyer the Normalisation Committee contracted to pursue payment from Globacom Ghana.

“What he did was wrong, and some of these things when you do is the same as robbery," Yakubu Moro told Atinka FM

“A debt which is supposed to be money for the 16 premier league clubs, and you want to deduct $100,000 dollars? No way.”

“The FA must force him to pay the money back, or we the clubs will rally against the FA," he added.

The Ghana FA will be meeting Dr Kofi Amoah on the way forward to retrieve the money back to the GFA.