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23.11.2019 Football News

Portuguese Radio Finds McDonalds Worker Who Gave Hamburgers To Young Ronaldo

By Radio Renascenca
Portuguese Radio Finds McDonalds Worker Who Gave Hamburgers To Young Ronaldo

Portuguese legend, Cristiano Ronaldo has revealed some heartwarming details from his childhood with Sporting.

Cristiano and his teammates asked for free food at the nearest McDonalds.

The Portuguese wanted to find the women who treated them with kindness and go out for dinner.

One of them is Paula Leca, who was found on Thursday and gave a radio interview.

He still remembers those times with laughter as her son couldn’t believe he gave food to Ronaldo.

Awesome! Remember then Cristiano Ronaldo shared the beautiful story about three women who gave him and his young Sporting teammates free hamburgers?

Well, Radio Renascenca have found one of them! Paula Leca has shared her memories about those times:

“They would appear in front of the restaurant and when there were hamburgers left over our manager would give us permission to hand them over. One of the boys was Cristiano Ronaldo who was perhaps the timidest of them all. This happened almost every night each week.

“I still laugh about it all now. I had already told my son about it but he thought it was a fib because he couldn’t imagine his mum ever giving Cristiano Ronaldo a hamburger. My husband already knew about it, because sometimes he would go to pick me up from work at night and he also saw him.

“It’s funny to go back now to something that happened so long ago. It shows his humility. At least now people know this wasn’t an invention. If he invited me out for dinner, I’d go for sure. The first thing I’d do would be to say thank you and during the meal, we would have time to remember those times.”