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06.03.2006 Diaspora News

Volunteers Needed For Pressure group

Re: Mother's Dilemma --For Our Health , Our Say for a better Ghana. After writing this article to question the way some mothers go through very hard times for being a mother compared to women in other parts of the globe, I realised the interest it has generated and would like to take it further.

Would it be good idea to form a global pressure group on the topic? Perhaps channel our concerns to the Minister of Health, UNICEF other relevant organisations rather than debating and not taking it forward? Some of you have asked for such a proactive move.

Please feel free to join in as it is just a discussion by email and we need to be committed and act of these opinions and concerns.

Men are equally welcomed. We need to be the voice of the voiceless in our society. I'm sure with all our various expertise in 'children and families' issues and other various experience we could contribute significantly towards improving this area in Ghana; other countries could then follow in our footsteps.

The vulnerable mothers within our society back home really need us to make a difference in their lives. Please if you have the expertise don't ignore this call. We need every dedicated person to help our vulnerable mothers or women in Ghana become empowered. Your thoughts please so that we could consider the way forward.