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11.10.2019 Football News

GFA Elections: 10 Key Points From Fred Pappoe’s Manifesto

By Samuel Ekow Amoasi Appiah
GFA Elections: 10 Key Points From Fred Pappoe’s Manifesto
LISTEN OCT 11, 2019

Ghana Football Association Presidential candidate Mr Fred Pappoe, on Thursday 10th October 2019, formally launched his manifesto in Accra as he seeks to become the new Ghana FA president.

Mr Pappoe, who worked under former Ghana FA chief Kwesi Nyantakyi as vice president, present his ambitions for Ghana Football when he becomes the new boss of the country’s football governing body.

Below are the top ten points he stressed emphasis on which he believes are greatly bedevilling the growth of the domestic game in the country and has therefore designed strategic measures to help curb the mess when given the nod by delegates on 25th October 2019 to lead Ghana football for the next four years.

Governance- MAIN ISSUES/CHALLENGES Ill- motivated secretariat staff Weak and outdated administrative and financial management systems

Poor attitudes and work ethics Roll out of new statutes/regulations/codes etc Inappropriate and ineffective decentralisation and devolution of power

Generally negative public and corporate perception of the brand

Proposed solution: Mr. Papooe indicated that he will prepare a minimum strategic plan and also establish strict compliance with incredible accountability provisions.

{Resource Mobilisation}- MAIN ISSUES/CHALLENGES Financial and resource-strapped domestic clubs Cash strapped FA with lack of predictability in cash flows

Heavily indebted FA Limited and unreliable revenue sources for clubs and FA

Proposed solution: – The Accra Great Olympics boss mentioned that he will design an aggressive innovation sponsorship drive and extensive commercialization of brand and its product.

{Juvenile Football} MAIN ISSUES/CHALLENGES Lack of competition Weak organisational capacity at the sub-national level

Disconnect between communities and football entities

Financial burden for juvenile football rests solely on a few

Benevolent individuals Weak and unregulated football academies Exposure of juveniles to risks and activities of all manner of agents

Unregulated exodus and exploitation of young players

Little or no strategic focus on promoting girls football at the grassroots.

Proposed solution: – Mr Pappoe said that the various regional football association and District football associations will be capacitated to form small and also spread colts footballs.

{Domestic Football}- MAIN ISSUES/CHALLENGES Low patronage Low credibility of the leagues with pre-determined outcomes in some matches

Poor officiating Hooliganism Exodus of players Poor-quality infrastructure Weak adjudication mechanism Competition for patronage with better organised and marketed leagues

Teams exposed to high travel costs and risks etc. Proposed solution:- Here, he talked about making the league a globally recognised brand that can attract walk in sponsorships and as well give the actors of the game an appreciable wages to at least reduce the incessant player exodus that turns to hurt the excitement of the domestic league.

{Women Football}- MAIN ISSUES/CHALLENGES Suffering from low attention, popularity, and patronage

Huge financial and resource burden Poor access to pitches Little or no sponsorship/support packages Proposed solution:- Here he said there would be a targeted marketing and promotional activities for women’s football league when he becomes the new GFA president.

{Coaching and Allied Technical Support Staff}-

MAIN ISSUES/CHALLENGES No contract enforcement Credibility challenges especially with national team coaches

Inadequate or no training and re-training opportunities

Weak technical directorate No culture of coaching specialisation No coaching and playing philosophy Proposed solution:- Here, he talked about the revamping and revitalization of the FA’s technical directorate to make it office a force to reckon with when he gets the nod to lead the GFA.

Officiating- MAIN ISSUES/CHALLENGES Poor quality officiating Credibility challenges with some referees Poor conditions of work for referees (including delays in payment of allowances, etc)

Proposed solution:- He extensively talked about officiating and how he intends to secure a guaranteed and ring fierce sponsorship for the referees to at least mitigate bribery and corruption in the game.

{FA/Community Interface}- MAIN ISSUES/CHALLENGES Disconnect between football clubs and communities Encroachment of fields and areas zoned as playing fields.

Proposed solution:- He said he will promote a culture of communal attachment and relationship with resident clubs including boys and girls juvenile clubs.

{National teams}- MAIN ISSUES/CHALLENGES Declining performance of national teams at all levels (both male and female)

Misplaced motivation of players and staff Perception of unsystematic and unfair call ups Weak link between the FA and foreign-based players and Ghanaians in the diaspora

Over-dependence on state funding. Proposed solution:- He strongly spoke about clear, fair and justifiable national team call ups system as well as an aggressive marketing drive to attract and also retain sponsors.

{Special initiatives}- MAIN ISSUES/CHALLENGES Tertiary educational institutions leagues and ultimately revive the Academical concept

Encourage and support the organisation of corporate and departmental leagues

Infrastructure – Special collaborative arrangements with Service providers and financial institutions to provide a multipurpose artificial park for all clubs.

Proposed solution:– He mentioned the need for his administration to set up a tertiary educational institutions leagues and ultimately revive the academical concept as well.