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01.03.2006 Sports News

Baseball in Ghana will only develop under one roof


Accra, Feb 28, GNA - Mr George Ntim, Founder and Chairman of African Development Fund, (ADF) an organisation set up in conjunction with Major League Baseball (MLB) to help develop the sport in Africa, has urged baseball stakeholders to come together under one roof for a concerted push to move the game into the limelight.

In an interview with the GNA, Mr Ntim advised all associated with the sport not to be under the illusion that they can single handedly win the recognition the sport demands for it to be properly integrated into the Ghanaian fabric.

He said 'the task to mainstream baseball in a country like ours is very daunting as there are so many prejudices that often work against such disciplines'.

Mr Ntim said in the past when all baseball activities were centralised, the country was doing well but things have turned out for the worse as stakeholders decided to carve up the sport and develop it from their own perspective.

He said with the concerted approach being preached now by the ADF in conjunction with financial and technical support from MLB and other bodies, the sport will definitely go places.

Mr Ntim said his organisation intends to make Ghana the hub for the sport in Africa even though presently it lacks behind countries like South Africa and Uganda in terms of organisation and facilities. "When things are done right, ADF will as usual play its pivotal role to catapult the association to the next level.

"Baseball in Ghana has the potential but what is needed is the right approach that will ensure that clear laid down procedures are put in place for all to follow for the development of the sport". "Baseball players are by far better paid than footballers with the highest paid player Alex Rodriguez earning about 25 million a year". "Presently all baseball players are in training getting ready for the baseball season which starts in the summer but I have a firm commitment from a host of big baseball clubs who intend to visit Ghana to hold a clinic for Ghanaian players".

Mr Ntim said even though baseball is now an international sport generating millions for players from all over the world, African players are yet to realise the dream and accomplishment of becoming professional baseball players.

ADF was created in 2003 as an international non-profit organisation to promote goodwill and strengthen relationship between Africa and America through youth oriented activities.