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11.07.2019 Opinion

Kwaku The New Sissoko

By Kwasi Yeboah
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In his native Goka Kingdom, a lord saw a raw talent in a lad by name Kwaku.

Kwaku is famed widely in the Kingdom as the young boy who could succeed the likes of Edison Arantes Do Nacimento, otherwise known as: "Pele" of Brazil. Or the other football talent god in the same continent of South America, Diego Armando Maradona of Argentina.

Not only the "Ghana Pele", Abedi Ayew, would share the same success story with this young prodigy if he was to focus and train to grasp the future opportunities on that field; but the other famous football's top talents - the George Bests, Ronaldinhos, Drogbas, Osei Kofis, to mention a few.

But, as it's in the Twi people of Ghana saying in their proverb as: Bonyoma bata brebo) ho, or, de3 Nyame mma b) w)n ampesie no 3h) na bonsam toto ne koobi; To wit: a talented person encounter challenges.

The said Kwaku is yoked by poverty, and to eat or cloth, he had no means than to pick what belongs to a neighbour. A doing which has sent him many times to the custody of the Republic's guards, they that are also called: Police officers.

The said lord, hearing about Kwaku, called him to his palace one morning and said to him: "you're a talented boy, harness it for good, never let your poor living steal from you your prospects."

Adding that: "never say much to me, Kwaku, I've heard all tales about you, if indeed those who birthed you worth their sort, they would go all out to uplift you to the higher height. Since they are comparable to the hen that fed on her own chicks, count me as your water of life that would carry you to the promised land."

Nobody knows, not even the many consorts of the lord, not even the Damsel Regina, a sports talent herself, a regular attendant to the lord's feet for guidelines on the present way of sporting; or his numerous pages understand why Kwaku wouldn't make use of the lord's terse counseling. Kwaku do not visit the lord again for assistance in financial or moral guide, but has been apprehended time and time again into the deadly custody of the evil men who bludgeons and kick him. Their beatings have paralysed Kwaku with deafness in one ear, and one must shout on top of his voice when calling this talented kid from afar.

The so called parents of his (Kwaku), they who ought to have been true parents that parents him with his needs acts, but only to send him to they that call themselves prophets in the Republic, but only are conmen and magicians. These conmen in turns take the young talent through nonsense rituals without attending to the pressing needs of providing what he will feed on or wear to play his beloved game.

He would be forced to fast for days without drinking water or eating a morsel of his much loved fufu (a staple of the Akans).

He would be told to believe in the power of a not visible god, neglecting training hard for the game.

At last, Kwaku is at home from the camps of the "Prophets", conmen, and had written at the back of his branded Jersey: Sissoko.

The lord spotted him and said to him painfully, emotionally, passionately, and with love that: "Kwaku, you're now the new Sissoko. You've also gone the way of the foolish compatriots who thinks bearing a certain name, putting on a certain cloth, carrying a certain potion could change their fortune. You've now lost the way. You're not different from the Republic's football fans who believes history repeats itself in the game, and that if the Stars, their football team, met and played a stalemate games with particular teams three decades ago, and went on to annex the cup, and would repeat same in 2019 in the Pharaoh's land of Egypt.

It came to pass, on the dawn of 9th July, 2019, that the Black stars of Ghana, the Land of Gold couldn't repeat the "superstitious history" by beating again the Carthage Eagles of Tunisia to make it seventh in succession, and one stalemate. The Stars, for the first time in eleven years couldn't go pass the knockout stage of the continental showpiece termed: AFCON (Africa Cup of Nations).

The said Sissoko, the name Kwaku has christened himself with is a household name in the game of football. He plies his trade with the English giants, Tottenham Hotspurs. And he was a major pillar in the French national team that won the second world cup for France in the 2018 FIFA World Cup staged in Russia, where Vladimir Putin has been a Premier and a President for close to two decades.

This Sissoko guy is of black complexion, but plays in the land of Whites, and with his other two mates, Pogba and Kylian Mbappe, who are of coloured and are obviously descendants of Africans, conquered the world in the football game at the time Emmanuel Macron reigned as the president of France.

At the time Trump, that of America, Addo Dankwa, the president of Ghana; and the lord, his second year in his native Goka Kingdom after leaving the capital of the Republic, Accra, to commence his Revolution Broadcast, and the Revolution that would build for good the fallen walls of the Land of Gold.

Continuing his passionate and emotional counseling to Kwaku, the lord added: "Kwaku, you're not different from the superstitious player who believes no more in hard training, but in a filthy man who sits under a palm tree in a dirty environment, telling him (the) to put something in his football boots to win games."

The lord
The lord ended his tirade by saying: "Kwaku the New Sissoko, your example would be taken for good or bad by upcoming or future talents. Your success or failure in the near future would be a measure for right thinking people, if they will bank their hopes in superstition or hardwork".

The lord said all these to Kwaku because as one who follows whatever goes on in the media, he has heard the Sports Minister Isacc Asiamah said: " since the captaincy has changed hands from Asamoah Gyan, the rich talent from Bono, to Dede Ayew, the trophy that has been drought for the Land of Gold for 37 evil years will come home from the Land of the Pharaohs, because the said new captain took the Black satellites of Ghana to a world title in the year 2009".

Not only was their trip well financed, but all Ghanaians believed in the peddled superstition, but when the reality came to light, the football fans of the Land of Gold went to bed early, left their beloved fufu to be eaten by the dogs ".

In his Revolution Broadcast, and in his writings, what he call African Philosophy, he counsels the up and coming to do away with superstition when harnessing their talents. For, as he continued; success is achieved by the prepared, and preparing is to do what the gurus, the masters of the game do.

He who want to play the game of football cannot do so by not reading about or watching the lifestyles of Messi, Ronaldo, Beckham, Ibrahimovic, Pele, Maradona and other greats.

For as those in music learns about Michael Jackson, Bob Marley, Agya Koo Nimo, Osibisa, Daddy Lumba, ET Mensah and the other goddesses on the microphone, hardwork is paramount in climbing to whatever height one aspires to.

The Black stars and Kwaku do have another chance, and it could be achieved through hardwork, not superstition.

Football is business today. Referees could be bought by betting companies.

As you depend on superstition to win games, a serious football manager recruits good players, invests in betting, and make his football team attractive to fans.

He who seeks wisdom will learn this the hard way, and fans will not only hang the Stars and their coach Kwasi Appiah, but every Ghanaian who relied on superstition. Amongst whom are the so called prophets who predicted all sorts of favourable results for the Stars, but the reality has taught them the bitterest of lessons.

In conclusion, the lord said: "football of today needs smart guys to manage. Should betting in the game persist, referees could influence the scores of games, players could be bribed to change the scores of a game; then the time has come for those who reason ahead to be employed as managers of the Land of Gold's football. The land had a perfect example in an administrator by name Sunday Nyantakyi, but his continuous love for money led him into the spread net of Ananse, who stealthily uses his cameras to catch unaware bribe takers in all fields of business. After that administrator who climbed up faster in the football game was apprehended and shamed, the Land of Gold must find a smart guy, an intelligent guy to replace him, or else, the trophy drought will live longer with the Republic of Ghana".

Written by: Charles Yeboah (Sir Lord)
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