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01.02.2006 Football News

Duya Must Go -Fans

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After a disappointing performance against the warriors of zimbabwe,many are the supporters who have blamed the loss on the head coach of the black stars, Ratomir Dujkovic.

Most of the supporters went out of the ismailia sports stadium after the Ghanaians have conceeded two goals in the second half,and those who chose to stay will not allow the radio commentators from Ghana to have their peace of mind as they kept shouting "SACK THE COACH! HE IS NOT GOOD", with the hope of being heard in Ghana.

Majority of the angry fans did not understand why Captain Stephen Appiah should be playing when it was clear that he was not fit for the game,as he was seen limping several times and lost all the fifty-fifty balls which is uncharacteristic of him.

Others who thought they had followed football for quite a long time and therefore had some knowledge about it claimed there was no game plan, as they saw the players play the way they wanted while the coach sat relaxed in his chair, unable to do anything about it.

After the match,the situation wasnt anything different.this time some of the supporters were asking the security men to release the coach so they could deal with of them was quoted as saying," WE SHALL DEAL WITH YOU ACCORDING TO HOW YOU WORKED TODAY"

Meanwhile hon Joe Baidoo-Ansah,leader of the parliamentary select commitee on sports has expressed his diappointment at the way Ghana has been kicked out of the tournament.he believes Ghana could have done better against the Warriors of Zimbabwe.What ! really went wrong with Ghana?