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24.01.2006 Sports News

Ghana To Apply Bosman Ruling

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Ghana To Apply Bosman Ruling
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There are indications that Ghanaian players whose contracts expire at the end of next season would be free to move to any other club if they do desire. Such players will become free agents in conformity with the Bosman Ruling which currently governs the transfer of players in Europe. This follows a new FIFA directive to all African football associations to revise their transfer statutes to conform with that of the world governing body by July 1, 2007. When the GFA complies accordingly, every player will be free to join any club of his choice at the end of his contract without any strings attached. According to the President of the GFA, Mr Kwesi Nyantakyi, the FIFA directive means that a player becomes a free agent as it pertains in Europe and elsewhere at the end of his contract with a particular club. He revealed that the various FAs were briefed on the issue by FIFA at a CAF seminar on transfer regulations in Cairo last week.
"FIFA insisted that we all incorporate that in our transfer statutes by July 1, next year," he stressed.
The same rule took effect in Europe years back when the Bosman ruling permitted players a free release from their clubs after serving the full length of their contracts with them.
However, the contrary has been the practice in Ghana where players remain tied to their clubs even after their contracts have expired.
The clubs have taken advantage of the GFA regulation on player transfer which stipulates that clubs should still pay "development fees" to affected clubs in return for a player, even after the contract between the two parties ends.