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14.01.2006 Sports News

Selfishness Is His Middle name

By Kofi Victor - UK

"They shall be known by their works" is a statement I endorse when any person is to be subjected to the litmus test. Let us genuinely accord praise where it is due.

As an ardent admirer of Mr. Abedi Ayew during his playing days, I find myself amazed by the urge to isolate my idol from the gains chalked by the recent GFA and the Black Stars. To justify my desire and campaign to alienate Abedi from the success of the moment his achievements during the twelve years as captain need to be highlighted. He is the longest-serving and only captain who won nothing for Ghana though the talents of that period were probably Ghana's best. It must serve as reference to all aspiring captains.

It does not matter if FIFA gives him every post because it will remain a one-man show that he relishes most. Which is easier or more patriotic; re-scheduling FIFA Prez Sepp Blatter's assigned duties or featuring in the legends game. Sepp would gladly agree to an explanation on the importance of the legends' game for readjustment of his duty dates. Withdrawal from the match is a betrayal of his colleagues and disappointment to lovers of the game. Prez Kuffuor and his sports administrators/advisors need to reflect on all eras of our sporting history and reward successful captains as being true and selfless ambassadors for patriotism and achievements.

Abedi is a self-seeking and inward-looking guy who will always jump at any slim chance to popularise only himself. It is unfair to have him chosen above any ex-captain of Black Stars who won a cup at any tournament since he is a symbol of national failure.

I read from a website that Abedi has been appointed as the President's own representative at the 2006 World Cup in Germany. If that's true, it is extremely unfortunate and bad luck for Black Stars. Where are C.K. Gyamfis, Mfums, Sundays, Razaks, Polos, the victorious Starlets' captains and the rest who put Ghana on top but not themselves? Abedi does not deserve to be in the delegation as he is not a team-player and have nothing to offer in terms of experience or otherwise. Let him go on his own and out of sight of the team's camp before imposing who should play on the coach. Cast a 'team's ballot' on this if I'm wrong.

Democracy is about fairness, eschewing corruption, constructive critisms, creation of equal opportunities for all, real progress, diversity, unity, harnessing and equitable sharing of resources or gains, and everything for positive national development.

Win or lose, I move that statues of Doya and Captain Appiah be part of the structures for the stadia planned for construction or rehabilitation. Let's stop condoning cheap campaigns by those who failed Ghana when it counted. May God Almighty help and bless Black Stars to succeed. Views expressed by the author(s) do not necessarily reflect those of GhanaHomePage.