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17.05.2019 Sports News

WISA Praises Creative African Female Sports Journalists

By Sammy Heywood Okine
WISA Praises Creative African Female Sports Journalists

The Executive Director of Women In Sports Association (WISA) NGO, 62-year-old Madam Gloria Commodore said the African Women Sports summit was fine as a maiden as all the speakers were right on point, but next time the organisers should include older ones as well.

She said the future of women in sports will improve drastically after this program because they will take their place.

"The summit inspired me tremendously because WISA always wanted to do a Seminar for female sports journalists so it was great that Juliet brought this up. Setbacks are next time they should invite experience older ones to also share their time with the youth when tools were not available yet work was done.

"Future events should offer at least tea in the morning before the program. I will talk a lot. I have been a journalist for over forty years and have experience. There is a lot to teach our ladies and this program may be the answer” she expressed.

Mrs. Cartherine Morton Co-director of the Millennium Marathon and originator of the Kiddie Mile Race said “The event was successful and came at the right time. The theme also addressed the reality of women in sports in Africa today. The summit did inspire me a lot and all the speakers had so much all women can learn from not just women In Sports. They motivated me to achieve higher heights and I congratulate the founder for such an important and worthy initiative. I think the future for women in sports can only be on the upside seeing all these powerful and resourceful women who are inspiring the next generation. I think Sports in Ghana and indeed on the whole continent needs Women to help develop it.

A lot needs to be done for athletics in Ghana. That sector is not being fully supported like it should be, and a lot of good talent are going wasted.

The main need right now is a for a proper world-class athletic facility which is very much needed

Especially in Accra, and the lack of events and poor marketing of athletics to potential recruits. Right now it’s not appealing to athletes because there is little in the space of track and field to attract people to want to be part of it

Joyce Aku Mensah of Omy TV, one of the new private television stations who was a participant at the African Women's Sports Summit in Accra said the event was nice and one of its kind especially with the great gust on the summit

She praised all the resource people and those who contributed to the success of the one day summit.

"Great but we need to work more harder us they said and be our own keepers Yes it did inspire me. Yes, we need more of such summits and am urging them to do more to help we the women to take our place. Some women in good positions do not support the less endowed and in general, women don't each other, laziness among us, some not humble and others not wanting to learn," she said.