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26.04.2019 Football News

Referee Theresa Bremansu Unhappy With GHC 5000 Fine Handed To Prison Ladies

Samuel Ekow Amoasi Appiah
Sports Referee Theresa Bremansu Unhappy With GHC 5000 Fine Handed To Prison Ladies

Referee Theresa Bremansu has voiced her disappointment by the GHC5000 fine handed to Prison Ladies.

The experienced match official was brutally beaten in the Women's Special Competition semi-final game at the Army Park early this month following Prison Ladies' defeat to Ampem Darkoa.

"Honestly the GHC 5000 fine by the Normalization committee for the assault is not good. Supporters take the laws into their hands and they don’t get any severe punishments. I got beaten up for GHC 5000?," she told Happy FM.

"RAG as an Association has not done anything for me even since I got assaulted, It was the Vice President who has shown concern to me," she added.

"I have paid for all expenses medically and even the police extract forms. I took care of myself. The only person from the GFA who contacted me when I got assaulted was Mr Alex Asante.

"It was the day after I was assaulted and he called to check if I have been to the hospital. Lawyer Naa Odofoley also called but she wants me to come to Accra for the finals and present medals to the players."

Madam Bremansu identified the man who attacked her as a certain Mr. Awuah, who she wants dealt with accordingly.

"The guy who assaulted me is called sergeant Baffour Awuah. He was not drunk when he was beating me. He is the only person I have an issue with not the GFA or RAG. We have laws in the country and I will exercise my rights as a citizen," she said.

"I haven’t gotten a penny from the match that I was beaten up and I don’t even know how much I am supposed to get from officiating the games."