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12.04.2019 Opinion

What Happens Next To Female Referees In Ghana?

By Prince Bernard Whaison
What Happens Next To Female Referees In Ghana?

The assault on the female referee, Theresa Bremensu is a test of one of the actual purposes of the Normalization Committee.

The state of football in Ghana is all but in its right place at the moment.

The fact that the Normalization Committee has been able to put measures in place to restore the beautiful game of football is laudable but after all, that is why they were set up in the first place.

But averred it's perceived vision, there is a deeper meaning to the whole setup of the Normalization Committee.

In the very words of Gary Al-Smith, I quote: Only a blind person will fail to see the insidious party politics and state agenda creeping into Ghana's football structure since the Normalisation Committee was formed.

Truth is, the Anas expose was to hit out at the ills happening in the country. A plan to clean the system (clean the system, the emphasis is mine).

Now the system has been cleaned (perceivingly), football is back from the men's section through to the female section.

So now what next for NC, most especially now a female referee has been assaulted by fans in Sunyani.

The issue of fan violence is another story for another day. A canker deeply rooted in our culture and traditions as people.

The stereotypical nature of our 21 century forward thinking minds. A woman has no greater voice in a society where men rule. I mean this is football.

How glorious is the Women's League? Not even the Men's League has all the goodness there is in football.

Theresa is a veteran female referee who has worked for 16-years as an official of the beautiful game.

And football we know cannot be devoid of controversies. Not to justify that she officiated the game fairly but again, who doesn't make errors?

I'm in no position to even state that she even controlled the game wrongly but my point is, it is even the errors in football that makes the game a beautiful one and fully characterized by emotions.

The funny reason for her assault was that she didn't add enough extra time to normal 90 minutes so a fan at the Army Park, Sunyani who supports Prisons Ladies lashes onto the field and abuses her. And civil servants who serve in the Prisons Service watches on.

The fear of such incidents in Ghana even dated back in the days of the Ghana Football Association is where no one actually helps the victim.

Now there's the NC, and the first victim of fans assault is a woman. A veteran who has served the game for 16-years.

The NC, however, has released a statement making it clear they are working on the issue and are following the religious statuettes and conventions of the dissolved GFA. And the big question is: After months of existence, the Normalization Committee cannot boast of proper sanctions to issues as this?

What then is the dynamics to the work of the NC? That is why from the onset Sports Journalists have called for football people to work in such a committee than experts who are politically appointed.

The fear of the total existence of this NC is what Michael Oti Adjei described as cheerleaders who cannot be trusted to rebuild Ghana’s football tainted system.

Even the GFA did best to nothing to support victims of fan violence, curb the canker of fan violence and put proper sanctions on clubs whose fans engage in such shameful acts.

So what exactly is next for the NC to do? How different will their approach be?

The pain of this issue is that not enough referees in Ghana are women. And this is even a deterrent

to women engaging in being football referees.

In this era where equity and equality stand tall, women are every bit of human as men and should be given proper representation in every aspect of life.

The manner at which the NC will deal with the assault of Theresa Bremensu will be either an advocacy tool to encourage women to enter football or will add water to the very canker GFA had faced in its time.

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