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28.12.2005 Football News

Kotoko IMT members asked to resign from board.

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The three Intereme Management Team members of Kumasi Asante Kotoko who are also members of the board of Directors of the club have been urged to resign their positions as board members of the club. This is to pave way for them to contest to become a substantive management if that is what they are interested in.

A former Vice Chairman of the Ghana Football Association,Nana Yaw Owusu made the call in an exclusive interview with AUTHENTIC KAPITAL SPORTS on Kapital Radio in Kumasi yesterday."i see a lot of things that are questionable about the adminstrative activities of the IMT",he told Kapital Sports.

Nana Yaw Owusu who was a member of the former Sylvester Asare-Owusu Intereme Management Committee, questioned why the IMT is still at post after their mandate had expired,"Look they were given three months as intereme body,after the period their term was extended to cover the end of the League season but now the League is over and t! hey are still at post",What are they doing in office,now all indications are that they are interested in the job and that is good enough, but if they are interested in the job they must resign as board members and contest to become form a substantive management that is if that is what they want."

Nana Yaw Owusu said he also does not understand why the IMT has not rendered an account to the fans of the club,"When they came into office they hastly rendered accounts after barely three month to convienve the fans that there was money in Kotoko and were also being very transparent in their activities but what has stopped them from accounting to the supporters after the end of the League season," he asked.

"I do not comprehend the recruitment exercise of the IMT,how can you talk about over ten new signings after winning the League with what i believe is the best team in Ghana today,to intend to invest about 3.5billion cedis in players is a waist" he sa! id.

"One or two players to strengthen the team will in my estimation be fine but not all the lot they are talking about,because by buying all these players they are talking about will mean a swell of the number of players in the team and therefore a drain".

Nana Yaw Owusu said the time has come for Kotoko to be handled professionally,"What is happening now is that somebody gets the opportunity to take advantage of the team to enhance his business and get more fame because one person is see to be handling Kotoko",What must be made clear is that all those who claim to be financing Kotoko are surely not doing that for free,rather theyare benefiting from the club",he stressed.

"Up till now one cannot tell wheather or not Major Lawrence Yaw Ampene Larson was sacked or he resigned because nobody has explained anything to the fans." He said from the way things are going on there is the urgent need for a substantive Chief Executive Officer to be appointed for the team before things get out of hands."Now the fact is that it is the board that is ruling the Kotoko in disguise because the three IMT members are board members and you cannot even tell who is the Chairman of the IMT,they claim Alhaji Inje is the chairman but Kwabena Kesse is doing all the talking and fronting".He said he believes all these are not good enough for the Club.

"If the fans are calling for the return of Sylvester Asare-Owusu as the Chief Executive Officer,why don't the Board consider him for the job if he qualifies",If the are also talking about Mr.George Amoako,then why can't he be made a permanent Executive Secretary of the Club for the interest and progress of the team?,he questioned.

He said people are talking about the IMC as having incured huge debts during it's time in office,"That is a fallacy,because the IMC invested hugely in players and now the club is enjoying the friuts of the IMC investments,the IMC investe! d only 50million cedis in Issah Ahmed but now he is on the verge of leaving for Turkey for a whooping sum of 300,000 dollars". he defended the IMC investments.