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Djokoto's Diary: Lifting Up The Spirits.

By Data Politico
Djokoto's Diary: Lifting Up The Spirits.
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To all distressed Ghanaian citizens who arise from slumber, drowning in a helpless feeling, with absolutely no clue of where the next meal is going to come from, and find no one to place their dependence upon, V. L. K. Djokoto cares about you. The system has suppressed the aspirations of the people for far too long. And too often, the nail that sticks out against the establishment is often hammered. But a nation devoid of true patriots at heart cannot have a full existence.

Our future knows what the past never expected. 2020 is our turning point and the finest hour draws nigh. The time has come for the space generation to take off. We can continue looking at this mess of a Republic or we can look up to the skies and advance forward in an evolutionary way.

As long as we work together as citizens, no Republic on God’s green earth will be able to compete with us, to cause us harm or to take advantage of us, for united we can advance much faster than any Republic in the universe. It is of paramount importance that we know how to harness and control this great force. An ignorant citizenry is ever so often the blind instrument of its own destruction.

There is a brighter season ahead under the sun and we must row away from the rocks. It is time to get the Republic throbbing with optimism and self-confidence once more. Either way it goes, for better or worse, we would have bridged the centuries-long gap between ourselves and the so-called developed Republics, at the end of it all. The best is not always certain but it is very likely.

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