Tug Of War Championship 2018 Gets Support In Ghana From Parle Biscuits

Sports News Tug Of War Championship 2018 Gets Support In Ghana From Parle Biscuits

Tug of War is a simple sport that directly pits two teams against each other in a test of strength in which the teams pull on opposite ends of a rope with the goal being to bring the marked midline of the rope a certain distance in one direction against the force of the opposing team ’s pull.

Tug of War is one of the most ancient of games on earth. The contest of pulling on the rope originates from ancient ceremonies and rituals in countries such as Egypt and India.

Tug of War has been one of the traditional games in Ghana. During the traditional festivals, which serve to bring the people together, the programme of activities includes Tug of War. Communities participated in Tug of War on a recreational basis and also as a form of entertainment.

Due to the great interest it generates and the simple equipment it requires, Tug of War is participated in by churches, groups, etc at different occasions for fun.

Tug of War requires strength and endurance. Strength is the amount of force which can be applied by a muscle or muscle groups in a single contraction whilst endurance is the ability to contract or use your muscle repeatedly.

Throughout history, all people, by nature, have always felt a sense of pride and achievement if they were able to overcome their opponents by sheer exhibition of strength. Tug of War provides such thrills.

The Ghana Tug of War Association, having observed the popularity of the game of Tug of War over the years, have evolved a comprehensive plan to organize it as a sport, regulate and control it, transform it into a national event and ensure its development into an Olympic Sport.

After successfully organising the Chorkor edition of the Community Tug of War Championship dubbed “WHO RULES…” with over 2000 spectators in and around the Chorkor community. The programme was heavily supported by GTV, UTV, Metro TV, TV3, Daily Guide, Graphic Communications, Modern Ghana, Ghana web, Joy News, GOC Media, African Sports, Brytfmonline etc.

Based on the success of the Chorkor’s Edition, the Ghana Tug of War Association would like to collaborate with your outfit to organise in the following cities:

1. WHO RULES SUNYANI? - 15th December, 2018

2. WHO RULES KOFORIDUA 2018? – 22nd December, 2018

3. WHO RULES ACCRA 2018? - 26th December, 2018

4. WHO RULES KUMASI 2018? - 29th December, 2018

Parle Biscuits by Equator Foods Ghana Ltd have promised to sponsor the national Tug of War competition and Sales Manager, Vikesh Johari has assured of a wonderful package for competitors, fans, media and organisers.

Sammy Heywood Okine
Sammy Heywood Okine

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