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03.11.2005 Sports News

Beware of the “Free Loaders” on the way to Germany

By Dr. Christian Nsiah
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The Black Stars have already made Ghana proud by qualifying for the World Cup, now comes in the “free loaders” to pick up the spoils of war. I read in amusement all the people that have sufficed to help the Black Stars one way or the other now that we have made it there. It is amazing how somebody in their own power sought the help of Joe Cole of English fame, now I read that athletes first is trying to negotiate a deal for the Black Stars to camp at Borussia Monchinggladbach facilities, at what price charged by the league side and by the middle men. I am not against people trying to help Ghana, but why help your country so that you can earn a buck, whereas they can earn the services at a lower or no cost at all.

I am sure the GFA knows what they are doing and so we don't need any link men or people to help us broker a deal. Not too long ago I read that the GFA signed up with PUMA, a German based company, why not use our sponsors to find the team a camping ground rather than spend some dollars we don't have on a camping ground and also pay for management fees (note: this money can go to the players as motivational bonuses).

You know time has come that we as Ghanaians stand up for our nation, not because we want to make a quick buck. I applaud Listowel's efforts, but I personally think it will be more efficient for the GFA to use PUMA to come up with something meaningful for our preparations. I think time has come that people that have contributions to make, do so with the sports authorities informed before releasing news items. I like all Ghanaians wish the Black Stars all the best in Germany. Hopefully I did not hear US camping anywhere because that is just absurd.

Long Live Ghana, Good Luck Mighty Black Stars, remember just like the star in the east, it is the Black Stars turn to shine. Dr. Christian Nsiah Spearfish, SD. USA Views expressed by the author(s) do not necessarily reflect those of GhanaHomePage.