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01.11.2005 Football News

Disciplinary Committee suspends referee

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Sunyani, (B/A) Nov.1, GNA - The Disciplinary Committee of the Brong-Ahafo Regional branch of Ghana Football Association has suspended Sunyani-based Class One referee, Edward Nkrumah (alias Koo Suo) with immediate effect from handling any of the rest of this year's Regional Second Division league matches. started in September. The Regional branch took the decision at an emergency meeting at the weekend after studying circumstances surrounding the 89th minute abrupt end of the third-week league match between Duruwaakrom Red Scorpions and Goaso Multi-Choice played at Duruwaakrom on Sunday, October 23.

The score at the time of the incident was 2-2. The Committee also ruled that despite the behaviour of referee Nkrumah during the match, the home team Red Scorpions had no right whatsoever to have assaulted the referee, adding that since their behaviour led to the abrupt end of the match they would lose three points in addition to playing at a neutral centre for two matches. It said its decision against the two parties is to serve as a deterrent to other referees as well as participating teams from any misdemeanour.

"Other referees should avoid being influenced by club officials just and home teams should also not use their advantage to assault match officials", it said.

The referee's report said Multi-Choice who were the away team scored their third goal in the 89th minute but soon as he whistled for a goal some supporters of Scorpions invaded the field of play and assaulted him severely.

The report indicated that officials and supporters of the away team intervened and managed to save him from the rampaging H0me supporters.

The Committee in its ruling stated that enough evidence and further investigations indicated that referee "Koo Suo" Nkrumah prior to the match was found alighting from the same vehicle that players of Multi-Choice travelled from Goaso to Duruwaakrom.

It said it was found out also that the other two assistant referees had waited for some time at a spot in Sunyani for their colleague to join them to make the journey to Duruwaakrom but he failed to turn up. The Committee said that the home team protested against the behaviour of the referee before the commencement of the match when they got wind about his flirtations with officials of Multi-Choice.

It was found out that referee Nkrumah officiated the match without his official hose and wrist-watch, which was a serious omission in the performance of his duty as a Class One referee.

The Committee therefore said having got much evidence to prove the misconduct of referee Nkrumah for the match, it had no option than to slap a suspension on him from officiating in any match of the Second Division League, which is expected to end in the first week of January, next year.

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