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July 6, 2018 | Hockey

KD Asante Eyes Hockey Seat

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Dr KD Asante
Dr KD Asante

Aspiring Ghana Hockey Association presidential candidate, Dr KD Asante believes he has what it takes to ensure the sport assumes a paradigm shift when voted into office in tomorrow's Congress at the Theodosia Okoh Hockey Stadium.

The CEO of Ghana National Gas Company indicated that the pace of development of hockey in the country needs to be accelerated.

To him, that could be achieved when anchored on three clear pillars-development of personnel, development of facilities and facilitation of financial support.

The 2018 SWAG Award winner and chairman of Citizens International Hockey Club pointed out that “We want to see hockey grow across the nation as well as in our schools. We have plans in place to ensure that, and I believe when I get the nod, hockey will move a notch higher.”

The national team member (1976-1985), who has been instrumental in the Senior High Schools hockey competition would be contesting Godfred Amoo, vice president, Ghana Hockey Association.

His invaluable contribution to the sport has seen countless tournaments played in his honour.

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