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Jun 12, 2018 | Sports News

Dissolving GFA Is A 'Fire Service Approach'- Kofi Poku

Dissolving GFA Is A 'Fire Service Approach'- Kofi Poku

Mr Kofi Poku, Vice-chairman of the FA Cup Planning Committee, has described the Government's decision to dissolve the Ghana Football Association (GFA) as a 'fire service approach'.

Mr. Poku made this known when the Ghana League Clubs Association (GHALCA) met at an emergency meeting on Monday 11th June 2018, at the Accra Sports Stadium to meet with the sports minister to dialogue on the possible ways to run football after the Anas expose, which portrayed widespread of corruption in the football fraternity.

According to the Director of Unicorn Travel and Tours Company, the approach from the government was a hasty one and ought to have been done in consultation with stakeholders before the decision to dissolve the GFA.

'Government should have taken steps to meet with the stakeholders of football before that decision, we have patrons and ex-executives who have been in football over years and government could have consulted for the way forward.

'There was evidence of bribery in the video we watched and the best thing was to incriminate or suspend the people involved, while investigations went on rather than the 'fire service approach' of completely stopping football activities, we saw similar expose at various institutions but the people who were implicated were sanctioned, suspended or incriminated but the whole institution was not dissolved' he said.

Mr Poku said football has employed and fed many people in the country and care must be when dealing with matters related to it, thus the people who matter in football should be given the necessary attention to manage affairs very well through dialogue and consultations.

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