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13.09.2005 Football News

Maxwell Konadu On Kuffour-Dujkovic Saga

MICKY CHARLES AND GEORGE DOE ([email protected])

LONDON -- Maxwell Konadu, an ex-kotoko international and former black stars player, has added his voice to the debate which is ensuing in the media terrain about the possible invitation of Sammy Osei-Kuffour of Roma fame into the senior national soccer team, the Black Stars. He is still wandering why the player has not been invited to beef up the squad in spite of the apology he rendered recently in the media. Speaking to Micky Charles over the weekend on Kasapa Radio in London,

Maxwell Konadu said, 'Ghanaians have not understood Osei-Kuffour yet. For those of us who are very close to him know that he cannot hide his feelings when it comes to issues centered around players welfare'.

Maxwell in his opinion acknowledges that, it's unfortunate Sammy Osei-Kuffour says the right thing at the wrong time or platform . In the view of Maxwell Konadu, Coach Ratomir Dujkovic , as a father must use the fatherly quality he has to harmonize the situation, and that he should see this development in the light of 'father and son relationship'.

Touching on the qualification to the world cup, Maxwell Konadu said that he is optimistic that Ghana will be in Germany come 2006, but cautioned that there is a difference between a tournament and qualification matches. He also said Ghanaians should stop making noise about maintaining these squad since we still have the cup of nations ahead. Some players are going to lose form and others injured. He also said it is not automatic for players who play in qualifies to make it to tournaments.

In his view the services of experienced players cannot be ruled out in the world cup tournament should we be there, he suggested that the sports authorities and the manager of the team should be looking round for such materials to strengthen the squad. He concluded by saying that our participation should be for honours and that Ghana as a soccer nation should go beyond where other African states have reached in previous competitions. This is how he put ' we are not going there to make the number but to achieve what an African nation has not achieved in the world cup'. He also thanked Ghanaians for their prayers and support for the current squad.