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05.09.2005 Football News

Stars victory celebrated in Wa


Wa, Sept 5, GNA - Most delighted soccer fans in the Wa Municipality celebrated the victory of the Black Stars jubilant mood at drinking spots deep into the midnight.

Soon after the end of the match some soccer fans tooted their horns of their motorbikes on the principal streets of the Municipality singing joyous songs akin to secondary school victory jubilations. At 'FREE PORT', a popular drinking spot that is also a popular soiree grounds for soccer enthusiasts, the premises were jammed to capacity as early as 6pm until midnight.

The story was not different at 'KG Spot' at Kambale and 'TIMPOL Spot' at Tindamba both suburbs of Wa where drinks and khebab 'suffered' from the numerous customers.

Mr Samuel Adusei owner of Free Port spot told the GNA Sports that he would continue to pray for more success for the national teams as a way of also raising patronage at the spot.

Madam Paulina wondered why patronage was extremely high at the spot and expressed surprise at the attendance until the news of the success was told her by the GNA after the victory of the Black Stars. Luckily for all there was no nasty incident reported in the capital.