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26.08.2005 Football News

GHALCA Calls On Clubs To Educate Supporters.

Listowell Yesu Bukarson KAPITAL SPORTS. KUMASI 97.1fm

The Chairman of the Ghana League Clubs Association, GHALCA Mr J.Y Appiah has expressed grave concern about the perseption some clubs hold about him that he hates them. He said it amazes him that when GHALCA meet and take decisions on pertinent issues,the affected teams turn to blame him for the results that come out of their meetings.

Mr Appiah in an eclusive interview with AUTHENTIC KAPITAL SPORTS singled out Kotoko officials for a bigger part of the blame adding that they are not bold enough to speak the truth to their supporter about happenings at GHALCA meetings thereby making their fans to hold the notion that he always take negative decisions on matters concerning the club. He lambasted the Accra representative of Kotoko, Mr. Kwame Amoa-Bosompem, for constantly failing to educate his supporters on what goes on at GHALCA meetings before major decisions affecting all the teams including Kotoko are taken. Adding that Mr Amoa-Bosompem is a very dishonest person who including other Kotoko officials want to sacrifice him for the inefficiencies.

The fuming GHALCA Boss charged Club officials to learn to differentiate him from J.Y Appiah of GHALCA and the J.Y Appiah as person.

On the Kotoko protest case over Tano Bofoafwa's use of Goal Keeper Shaibu Mohammed in their on-going GT Premier League which Kotoko lost, Mr Appiah said once a Director of the Club he had every right to present and defend his Club at the GFA Disciplinary Committee sitting,which he did with excellence. Kotoko lost the appeal too at the Appeals committee sitting yesterday. Mr Appiah advised club officials and soccer fans to endeavour to sensitise themselves on issues concernig Ghana Football.