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14.08.2005 Football News

Yamoah Runs Amok

By SPACE FM, Sunyani.

A member of the Interim Management Team (IMT) of Kumasi Asante Kotoko, Afrifa Yamoah Ponko went berserk on Saturday when responding to questions related to the newly adopted home ground of Kotoko, Konongo Waterloo Park.

The outspoken football administrator speaking to SPACE FM had earlier dilated on the management's visit to Kotoko's indisposed coach Karim Zito at Korle Bu Hospital.

The host of the programme switched attention to the preparation of Waterloo Park which Yamoah outlined a programme in place to put the field into good shape for league matches. At the tail of the interview the host wanted to know if the Konongo Park has got any other name apart from Waterloo. It was at this point that what started as peaceful and cordial interaction turned into flames with Yamoah at his rampaging best.

Below are the excerpts of what transpired:

Host: Can I ask sir if the Konongo Park has got any other name other than Waterloo?

Yamoah: Paused for a while and exclaimed; don't ask me this unnecessary question!

Host: Sir I've been to Konongo myself and know the stadium to be Waterloo but I'm only asking for you to clear speculations people are spewing around.

Yamoah: Are you educating or speculating, he retorted. You people, instead of educating the people you go about speculating things.

Host: We don't speculate, that's why we traveled all the way from Sunyani to Konongo to have first hand information for ourselves. In any case if we wanted to speculate, we wouldn't have called you to explain things.

Yamoah: Before the host could say jack, he hung up his phone unceremoniously.

His action attracted series of condemnation from the people who phoned into the programme. A prominent member of the Brong Regional Circles Council (Kotoko Supporters Union) remarked; “we know Yamoah loves Kotoko but his outbursts is creating more enemies than friends for Kotoko”.