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CAF decision on Gambia/Starlets final match

Raymond Yeboah

CONFEDERATION AFRICAINE DE FOOTBALL 3 Abdel Khalek Tharwat Street, El Hay El Motamayez, P.O. Box 23,

6th October City, EGYPT.

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CAIRO, 18th July 2005


In its meeting held at CAF Headquarters in Cairo Egypt, the Board examined all the relevant documentation (cf. art.. 42 CDC) relating to the final match

Ghana / Gambia played on the 22/05/05 for the 6th African Under-17 Championship 2005.

During the final match of the 6th African Under-17 Championship, Ghana / Gambia, both the referee and the match commissioner noted in their respective reports that at the two individuals penetrated the field of play while the game! was in motion.


1. According to article 2 of CAF Disciplinary Code (CDC), the Disciplinary Board (hereafter the Board) may pronounce the sanctions described in the CAF Disciplinary Code on national associations, members of these associations, officials, players, match officials, anyone with an authorisation from CAF and spectators.

2. Article 140 para. 2 of CAF Disciplinary Code clear states that "national associations are held responsible for the behaviour of their supporters (especially with regards to throwing missiles and invading the pitch) and auxiliary staff".

3. The Gambia Football Association (GFA) does not dispute these incidents which where also reported to the President of GFA during the ratification meeting of the organising committee the following day. Such evidence was also supported by video viewing.

4. The Board finds that the spectator disturbances that occurred during the match in question constitute an extremely serious infringement of article 140 CDC "Organisation of matches". Pitch invading poses a serious danger to the players, team officials and match officials. There is no doubt that security had been breached. The Board stresses that such incidents must not be tolerated under any circumstances and must be strictly sanctioned.


1. The GFA is found guilty of breaching art. 140 para. 1b, 1c, 1e CDC and liable for the behaviour of its supporters in accordance with art. 140 para. 2 CDC.

2. The GFA is ordered to pay a fine to the amount of $10 000.00 (ten thousand USD). However, in order to promote a better Sporting Behaviour and Sense of Fair Play, the Disciplinary Board have decided to impose a suspension of US$5 000.00 (five thousand United States Dollars) from the aforesaid sanction, thus leaving an amount of US$5 000.00 (five thousand United States Dollars) payable immediately. The suspended portion of the sanction is suspended on condition that the Natio! nal Association in question is not found guilty of a similar offence, or a recurrence of the infringement of Article 140 for a period extending from the day of notification of the present decision till 31st December 2007.


This decision can be contested before CAF Appeal Board (art. 48). Articles 50 and 53 describe the grounds for appeal. Any party intending to appeal must announce his intention in writing within three (3) days of notification of this decision.