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15.12.2017 Sports News

New Africa Amputee Football Federation Formed

By Mawuli Viwotor
New Africa Amputee Football Federation Formed
LISTEN DEC 15, 2017

A new Amputee football federation, the Federation of Africa Amputee Football (FAAF), has been formed at a special Africa Amputee Football Meeting held in Accra from December 12-14.

Delegates from Ghana, Angola and Kenya, with support from Liberia, Sierra Leone, Nigeria and Uganda, unanimously agreed on the formation of a new federation to steer the affairs of the sport on the continent following the suspension and redundancy of the Amputee Football Federation of Africa (AFFA) from the World Amputee Football Federation (WAFF).

Rev Richard Nii Amartey Adesah and Theodore Mawuli K. Viwotor (Ghana), Madam Celeste Tchiama and Sapalo Yamuzembe (Angola), Charity Kamau and Peter Oloo (Kenya), with approval of the other countries, resolved that FAAF become the new Federation to run affairs and to liaise with WAFF for the restoration of members to the world body, among others.

Besides Ghana and Angola, all the other African countries are facing suspension or expulsion from WAFF for various offenses. This the delegates consider unacceptable, thus the need to form a new Federation to work on their restoration.

The delegates also considered the suspension and redundancy of the erstwhile AFFA as part of the problems being faced by the African countries and are calling for steps to be taken by FAAF to change the declining trend in amputee football on the continent.

They also called on FAAF to get in touch with WAFF with immediate effect to regularize all processes required to be fully recognized. The World Amputee Football Association (WAFF) has welcome the meeting as part of moves to develop the sport.

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