24.04.2005 Sports News

Clottey demands apology from Eddie Blay

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Accra, April 24, GNA - Carmen Clottey, a member of the national amateur boxing team, the Black Bombers, in the 1960s is demanding an unqualified apology from Mr Eddie Blay, Chairman of the reconstituted Ghana Amateur boxing Authority for allegedly depriving him of winning any major medal in his career.

Clottey, now a boxing coach, told the GNA Sports in Accra that Blay, his teammate and main rival in the lightweight division at the time "hypnotised and injured me just to prevent me from justifying my inclusion for the 1962 Commonwealth Games in Perth, Australia".

He said few months to the Games Blay lured him to spar with him after a hectic training session.

"I told him I was without my gum shield and if it was possible for us to spar at another time. But he persuaded me and even promised it was not going to be an aggressive session.

" And as if I have been hypnotised, I agreed against my wish; and just when we started, Blay attacked vigorously and battered by mouth."

Clottey, also known as infighting specialist, alleged that he had a deep cut and was rushed to the Stadium Clinic for the cut to be stitched.

He said the injury prevented him from justifying his inclusion into the 1962 squad because of the severe pains he went through. Blay made it into the team and went ahead to win gold for the nation.

He alleged that Blay's action was deliberate "for he knew that I had a better chance and could out shine him at the games". The former boxer lamented that his inability to win any major medal was the main reason why he was not inducted into the national hall of fame.

"I can't even benefit from the National Sports Endowment Funds because no one knows me; and any time I watched athletes being decorated with medals on television, I wept", Clottey said emotionally.

"If Blay fails to apologise I will curse him till judgement day", he added.

Blay was not available for comment.

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