30.03.2005 Sports News

B/A dis (UNITED)

By Mr. TEE
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The hallucinations of B/A United are over, now that the reality has hit home that they have been demoted to the first division. What are the supporters going to do?. All this hullabaloo was caused by George Arthur and his faithful disciples.As there are so many teams springing up, United is going to rub shoulders with some of them in the division they find themselves in now. Some of the supporters in the new teams were once the ardent and faithful ones following B/A United.If the team doesn't come back quickly into the premiership then that will be the end of it.

Sink completely into oblivion and all the sheep following them will be scattered.They should take a cue from Dwarfs, Corners or Vipers.The supporters did not care much about the position of the team after a league season. To be there every year and lock horns with their arch rivals Bofoakwa was their main concern.It goes true for the saying that "a time will come when slaves will be on horse back while princes go on foot like slaves". The once unknown teams are still there.

If the town of Sunyani has not attained the status of being a "sleepy town", then it would soon be one when the league starts.Everything will be at a stand still on sundays.Why the people of Sunyani and Brong Ahafo as a whole failed to see through the evil intentions of George Arthur was beyond my comprehension. They proved how myopic they were and I hope they are full of regrets now.

"George the Great" as he is perceived and reverred in Sunyani was not able to follow through on any of the platitudes he spouted during his campaign for the Chairmanship. They allowed him to tout himself with unbelievable credentials.He forgot that the one putting on his armour should always not boast as the one taking it off and also the race is not always with the swift nor the battle with the strong. It needed brains. If we are to take a long range view of what happened to the team, the former administrators did set a good record. Nobody can discharge a soldier in time of war but this is what happened is Sunyani. The good administrators were fired without any reason. Agility is always a far more important quality in a leader than the rigid convictions of some of the supporters.

B/A United which was once a paragon of Ghana soccer, and the coronation park the waterloo of so many teams has now become a pauper because of the selfish nature of one person and the immaturity of some supporters.One of the most cherished assets of Brong Ahafo is now gone if not forever and some of the founders and players who have passed away might be tossing and turning in their graves.

Unity, discipline and respect make Kotoko or Hearts click. The team now don't have a spiritual leader who before was in the person of the Sunyanihene. A house without a head is always bound to fall. The supporters of United did the opposite and followed George Arthur silently as a lamb being led to the abattoir. Was it because they respected the guy so much that he was considered holistic and that anything that emanated from his foul mouth was considered sacrosanct?.To say Arthur has become the devil for B/A United would be a historical understatement.B/A United, I think is the only team which don't have a set of rules or laws for it's administrators.Any moron held in higher esteem in the town can set himself up as the institution and do whatever he thinks fit irrespective of the consequences.

I am not in any way trying to rehash on what led to their demise but rather trying to tell them their mistakes, after all it's of no use crying over spilt milk.Whatever situation the team finds itself in now serves them right. Sunyaniba, Mr. TEE (Denver-USA) Views expressed by the author(s) do not necessarily reflect those of GhanaHomePage.

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