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29.12.2004 Sports News

The Best goal: individual masterpiece by Gyan

By Sport Express
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The choosing procedure of the best goal out of the many scored – is, of coarse, not easy. Even we, in the “SE” office, have long discussions and arguments before reaching any decision.

This is understandable. Every one has its own unique opinion about every goal, including the best. One prefers the long distance shots, second – fast and complicated combinations, third – acrobatic moves and bicycle kicks, fourth – values the unpredictable decisions and improvisation.

The last has helped us to make the decision in Gyan's favor. The long pass from the left flank had no danger to the FC “Rubin”. The defenders were well positioned in the penalty area and it looked like they blocked any movements by the receiver of that pass. But it only looked like that: the “Dinamo's” forward performed such an unpredictable and non standard move, that the defenders and goalkeeper only could stand and watch the ball fly into the net. The words of the “Rubin's” goalkeeper Valery Chizhov explain situation the best: “ I watched the reply and I was stunned, Gyan did everything exceptionally well. He has performed a masterpiece. I can only congratulate the forward with such rare luck!”

Everything can be judged in comparison. If we were to take the goals scored at Euro-2004 as models, than goal scored by Gyan would compete among the favorites. Gyan's goal is no simpler than one scored by Swedish player Ibragimovich, who placed the ball into the net with his heel.

Baffur Gyan

I feel honored to score in the way that I have received applause from the opposition supporters.

It was not an easy task to reach the best goal scorer on his telephone. No, the telephone network in Ghana, where the forward is spending his holidays, is ok. But how can you reach him at home? Because the holidays are short, but the number of relatives that he has to visit is big. It was great that the relatives happened to understand the importance of my call and provided me with three telephone numbers.

- I think I know which goal you have in mind, - said Gyan after finding out that he is among the candidates for the best goal.

- -This goal has great significance for me, not only because it was so good, but because of the goal our team managed to achieve significant point, which played its part at the end of the season.

- The congratulations from the team mates after the match were mainly because of this?

- No, they didn't forget to mention that the goal was very good. But it is a lot easier to describe how I managed to do it rather than actually do it.

- But anyway.

- It were the dying minutes of the second half in the match against FC “Rubin”, and there was no time for long attack. Polovinchuk has crossed the ball into the penalty area, and I have controlled the ball with one touch. Then I turned around and shot the ball. I didn't see where the goalkeeper was standing, but I was aiming for the far corner. At that moment I didn't even have the time to think about how the episode looked from the side. I was just happy that our team managed to end the game with a draw in what looked like a lost match.

- Have you scored better goals in your career?

- Two years ago, when I played for “Slovan” in Czech Republic, I managed to score with a bicycle kick.

- Is it important to you whether the goal you score is good looking? Or is it more important that the ball goes over the goal line?

- What use is there from a great shot if the ball doesn't cross the goal line? However, when you score a goal and even the opposition supporters applause you, you feel much better than when you put the ball into the net from half a meter.

- What is your impression of your first season in Russia?

- Positive in the whole. I only have the negative feelings from the match against “Rostov” when I had a fight with opponent and received a six match disqualification. But if you were to compare the Russian championship with the Czech's, then here defenders are a lot tougher. They don't let you do one step!

- Maybe because of this, you only scored three goals?

- Yes, three goals is not enough. I think I should score at least nine – ten goals per season. On the other hand, in other teams I usually played as a single forward, therefore score more. Never the less, next season I will try to improve and score more goals.

- Who's team game style in Russia provides you with a best impression?

- I like the game style of FC “Zenit”. Especially Kerzhakov and the player with number 10 (Arshavin). The match CSKA – Zenit in the first championship round was unforgettable!

- Which “Dinamo” matches are most memorable for you?

- Probably the last three matches. The points in those matches were worth more than gold, because we were so close to leave the premier league. I am happy that we managed to concentrate and remain where we belong.

- Will you stay in “Dinamo”?

- The new contract with the club is not yet signed. After I will return to Moscow, we will settle the matter.

- The directors of FC “Dinamo” have announced that they plan on prolonging you contract with the club.

- This is great. I would like to stay in “Dinamo” and achieve better results than the 14th place this season.

- During the break in the championship, the “Dinamo” squad will undoubtedly have new players added. What do you think of increased competition for the place in the starting line-up?

- I think it is good, should be more interesting.

- When do your holidays end?

- We have a meeting in Moscow on the 13th of December. I have missed my family very much, there fore I decides to spend all of my holidays here in Ghana.

- Lots of the African players, who play for the Russian clubs, often have to be penalized for their delayed returns to the club.

- All people are different. The directors of all my previous clubs never had any pretensions to me about such issues. Every team has its rules, and it is better to follow them. There will be no unnecessary problems.

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