05.11.2004 Sports News

Ghanaians Need A Highly Technical Coach .....

05.11.2004 LISTEN
By Dennis Adjepong

....To Handle The Black Stars Alone!!! A statement signed by Kofi Nsiah, General secretary of GFA has short listed seven coaches for the stars job. Although the statement did not name any coach but I will like to add my views to what they are considering before choosing a national coach to handle the black stars and to defeat our opponents to help us qualify for the world cup. Among the many problems that I have seen wrong with the black stars play is their efficiency on the field of play. Our boys are doing very well but there is much that needs to be done to achieve a noble prize this time around. In the first place, we need a coach who is highly technical ( tactically discipline) who has a foresight for the game of football and enormous victory record. There are other big coaches with a lot of credentials out there that are not victory oriented. All they know is to draw away matches and they think that is a great achievement. We also will like to see a coach who will strengthen our attacking machinery and fuel our midfield with great discipline, fast pace passes and strength, to facilitate and bring back our glorious days. Aside what has been mentioned, We should also not forget that our defence has to be as defensive as a bridge if we really want to qualify for the world cup and surprise the entire football world. We need a coach that will help individual players learn how to take effective free kicks, corner kicks and even how to head the ball into the net if possible. We should not assume we know. That is what has cost us a lot, remember all achievements begin with a dream and a perfect plan. We also need to train substitutes to fill in for our good players( that will not alter the game)should in case we get hit with injury. Moreover, even penalty kicks is a problem for our national team, I am not trying to be a coach but i want to paint the reality out before another mistake is made again. Furthermore, our boys should be given adequate incentives for them to deliver quality display of football. The new coach should help our strikers to learn how to bounce the ball in the net. The fact cannot be denied that our boys are smallish in size as compared to other nations so I think they should be taught not to hang on to the ball for too long.

In spite of what has been mentioned, the new stars coach should have a good victory history (of coaching qualifying nations to the world cup) that can be verified through FIFA and other international soccer organizations. We don't want to be misled again….

A good work ethic coach who know how to handle pressure at difficult times, who knows how to apologize to the players if he does something wrong and who will ensure respect and dignity for our country officials who he is going to work with. We should not look at how expensive their salary is but pay more emphasis on their honesty and their attitude as well.

All said and done I am not trying to enforce what I am saying but I am trying to add my voice to what i have seen our stars need .Inspiration from our heroes can help also win at times in difficult moments so let us not look down upon them …..but take their advise as well for “two heads are better than one” because they have tasted both defeat and success. All things been equal is my wish and prayers to see our black stars make a deby come 2006 world cup finals. by Dennis Adjepong, Alexandria va. Views expressed by the author(s) do not necessarily reflect those of GhanaHomePage.