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22.10.2004 General News

NDC HQRs is broke ...As coffers dries up

By Chronicle
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WITH BARELY six weeks left for Election 2004, The Chronicle can report that there are pockets of complaints at the headquarters of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) that the coffers of top executives of the party is as 'dry as the Sahara desert'.

Investigations indicate that the office of the party's Chief Scribe, Dr. Nii Armah Josiah Aryeh, has been starved of financial resources while monies supposed to be released to him from the Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA) have allegedly been withheld by certain party top shots for inexplicable reasons.

“Approving authority given to all chief executives in all organizations and institutions has been denied our General Secretary, thus giving the treasurer totally free hand to operate in collaboration with other executives of the party,” one observer said.

The Chronicle learnt yesterday that the office of the General Secretary “is as dry as the Sahara desert” after being denied any operational income.

Other reports reaching The Chronicle indicated that monies released by the IEA to the general secretary had been allegedly hijacked again by functionary executives of the party and he had not been receiving any remuneration, such as allowances or money for fuel.

One observer had this to say: “These people have denied their general secretary money meant for operations and now that the world has mercifully given him tools to operate, they have taken over those ones too.”

The Chronicle stumbled upon a letter from the IEA, which directed that certain amount of money be given him but it never got to him.

“Even if you engage a slave, you must provide food for his stomach. One would have thought that given the urgency and the critical period, internal division, undermining and personal hatred should be relegated for the progress of the party and to empower the CEO to perform,” one party insider lamented.

“I can tell you frankly that at a certain point when decisions are to be taken, the opposing forces will wait until the GS leaves the office. This does not happen in the NPP. The NPP allows the GS to operate but in our case, it does not happen so.

Well, if you say something, they will perceive you to be a supporter of the victim,” another source pointed out.

When the paper contacted Dr. Josiah Aryeh, he neither denied nor confirmed the story but was quick to say, “The matter is certainly being considered by the functional executives of the party. Considering that we are at a critical position, I would not pass any comment on that matter.”

As to whether, since assumption of office, he had received nothing for even fuel, Dr. Aryeh said, “I have to depend on my own personal resources. Everybody knows that the availability of resources will maximize the performance of everybody but I will do my best to work.”

Other party functionary executives were tight lipped when contacted. Again, attempts to reach the national treasurer of the party, Mrs. Clarke Kweisi, who was alleged to have issued an order to withhold Dr. Aryeh's allotment, proved futile.

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