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14.09.2015 Feature Article

The Lost Generation

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God is teaching us that we must be like the children to see his Kingdom. Does this also apply to Decision Makers in Politics?

Ghana’s Constitution of 1992, like many others, are outdated over time as societies change and new needs are evolving. To be able to meet the demands of today, Decision Makers in Politics must have a sound understanding of Political issues, History and a vision for the future of their people to come. African Leaders do not understand the difference between wishes and visions. It sounds the same, the mechanism and consequences are instead very different.

A child is by its very nature egoistic and sees only the day at present with a glimpse of the day ahead. Often painful, it needs to be corrected and feel the pain of taking wrong ways and actions.

Living in a very competitive environment, the Global Village, having to fight for various resources with many other countries, Leadership must be given back to the roots of Politics, the local level. A well administered balance between Central Government and Grass root levels, is a vital key factor for a prosperous society and economy.

Ghana has set publically the agenda to strengthen the local communities, the Districts and their Assemblies, while at the same time Regional Ministers in the Central Government oversee the affairs of the Grass root levels. This is to say the Government in Accra wants to give a cosmetic touch to the country while in fact having changed nothing in real terms. Each Region must be a State in itself being part of a Federal constructed State of Ghana. A Kindergarten Teacher knows this simple facts while his Toddlers innocently play with their familiar tools to build houses of their choices.

It lies in the hands of the good people of Ghana to determine their own fate, being ruled by Amateurs to make them the object of their childish games on Kindergarten premises named Flagstaff House or take a U-Turn and correct vital mistakes costing Billions of Dollars in National debts and waste of human destinies.

While the Leaders enjoy their toys, well known outsiders, the Opposition, join in their fun games.

Knowing that Education is a vital instrument for a rich and prosperous country, the trumpets from small sized Politicians shout out that Industrialization is the answer to Ghana’s economic problems.

When Ghana’s Politicians living in UK or elsewhere together with the White Man show them a better solution to various issues return back home, they repeat not only the mistakes made by their forefathers but repeatedly confront Ghanaians with old stuff like used clothing’s, used shoes, used fridges and used political ideas.

Industrialization is based on producing products. Products need raw material, raw material need mineral resources found in Africa’s soil. When someone is excavating natural resources and uses them, the time is foreseeable they will be finished. How is it possible than to sustain an economy based on the idea of Industrialization? While the White Man is preparing his economy for that time in future to come having to cope with lesser natural resources, the Black Man still wants to catch up with the Developed World with old tools to fix old problems.

As we globally live in a Post-Industrialization Era, it would be a sign of wisdom of the Black Man not to waste his life-time and repeat the mistakes the White Man made during his life-time but learn from it and find better ways out of its dilemma to create the Paradise God has created Africa to be in the first place.

It is a right for Ghanaian Politics to be in Flagstaff House and play with the power given or (?) …sorry, this thought is wrong missing one important factor, responsibility. A right never comes alone, is always bound to another word starting with R, this is responsibility. Can a child carry responsibility for its actions, thoughts and wishes for the future? Any law is saying this is not possible, but the parents must carry this burden for them. In the absence of matured parents aunties and uncles have to educate their siblings to ensure a good upbringing and the education of useful citizens to be.

When parents misuse their children, any society has the obligation to remove the parents from their position and give the welfare of the innocent into qualified hands. The ultimate law is not made by man, but lies in the authority of God. When he can see and judge the time for adults to rule in Flagstaff House has come, he will ensure the playful children will get their right to continue playing among themselves outside on an open Playground with sand and swings.

Fifty eight years after the Independence speech of Dr Kwame Nkrumah promising a better life for Ghanaians, it is obvious nothing has changed but is getting worse. Someone born on Independence Day being now close to the end of his life-time has not seen any benefits of the made promises for a better life under the rulership of black Ghanaian Politicians…a whole Generation is lost and got betrayed of their birthright:to be happy and enjoy prosperity!

My heart cries out to God commanding into his hands that he should send another Joseph to rescue the next Generation of Ghanaians from darkness and self-inflicted misery!

Author: Dipl.-Pol. Karl-Heinz Heerde, Sakumono Flat Estate, Block D10, Aprt 9, Tema West, Ghana, [email protected] , phone 00233 (0) 265078287, 13.09.2015

Karl-Heinz Heerde
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