16.09.2004 Sports News

Nyaho must resign

By Ekow Omagbemi Atta
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The chairman of the Ghana football association, Dr Nyaho Tamakloe's attack on sports journalist is a clear indication that the man is not cut for the job.

It's really pathetic that the GFA chairman decided to attack and blame Ghanaian sports journalist for the shock departure of the Black Stars physical education coach Mariano Barreto.

Most Ghanaian soccer fans will have expected the Medical Practitioner to have tendered in his resignation after that unholy attack on sports journalist. I fine it difficult to understand what actually prompted the FA Chairman who I respect so much to attack sports journalist for the departure of a coach who only came to Ghana to build on his CV.

As interesting as the medical practitioner is he found it wrong for sports journalist to let Ghanaians know where Barreto was coming from and his track record as far as coaching is concern.

I don't want to believe that the press conference was a planned one to attack sports journalist, but it's unfortunate the Doctor of medicine and not football decided to use a press conference which was called to find ways of solving the coaching problems of the black stars to lambaste sports journalist and threatened to deal with them for what he termed was unpatriotic criticism that forced the physical education teacher to abandon his post.

Nyaho's behaviour last thursday looks childish and I guess he thought he was standing at a political rally attacking an opposition party.

The FA capo was the last person I ever expected to put up such uncalled for behaviour. With less than six months in office I am surprised to see Nyaho Tamakloe already showing the symptoms of the football fever in that secretariat.

He claims to be a politician but I think he is no where near that word because politicians have got thick skin and if he wants to survive his three year term in office then he needs a thick skin like Nana Sam Brew Butler and an open mind like Alhaji MND Jawula.

I am still wondering why Nyaho is still in office because he has publicly come out to say that Football Administration is not his job and that he is a medical practitioner and I don't know what the hell he is still doing in that office.

He should know that Ghana football needs to be run by football administrators and not politicians and medical practitioners.

Nyaho seems to have forgotten that he needs the sports journalist to help his management board to steer the affairs of Ghana football. What would he do if sports journalist decide to boycott all GFA organised activities and decide not to print or broadcast any press release from his association.

I am confused as to why the Minister of Youth, education and sports Alhaji Rashid Bawa and his deputy Mr Joe Aggrey have not come out with any statement on the GFA chairman's childish behaviour because they were witnesses to it.

A senior colleague like Joe Aggrey has decided to keep mute over the incident and I am really disappointed with him and I guess if it has been five years ago he would have digested the GFA chairman's behaviour in his column in the Saturday edition of The Mirror.

It's good to hear that Nyaho has challenged any of the media personnel who think he is competent enough for the GFA job to takeover. Someone needs to drum into his ears that if that position was advertise the was no way he would have gotten it. So he needs to shut up and give thanks to the president for nominating him for that post.

Nyaho must know that Ghana football and politics don't walk hand in hand and the earlier he tender in his resignation the better for him because it will take him a lot of hard work to win the support of sports journalist in the country.

He must be told that being the GFA boss does not mean media personnel needs to dance to his tune and not inform Ghanaians what is going on as far as sports is concern.He must also remember that the GFA chairmanship is a passage of time.

My advice to him is that he should step down because he is made a mess of himself and pave way for football administrators to take over the running of the GFA.

Doctor, Wise up.

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