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12.05.2015 Sports News

Bolga All Stars charged for fans misconduct

By Ghana FA
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Bolga All Stars have been charged in respect of their GN Bank Division One League match against Berlin played at April 26.

After the match, Bolga All Stars FC failed to control its supporters when went into the inner perimeter and verbally and physically assaulted the match officials and held the match officials hostage for about 30 minutes until the police rescued them in violation of the GFA Regulations.

The Club is hereby charged for a breach of Article 56 and 58 of the Disciplinary Code and Articles 35(2), 35(3)(c) and 35(7)(d) of the GFA General Regulations in respect of this match.

They are therefore required to submit their written Statement of Defence to the charge(s) on or before May 14, 2015 on or before 5pm at the GFA Secretariat or through email address to the Disciplinary Committee [email protected] failing which the Disciplinary Committee shall proceed to adjudicate the case without their Statement of Defence.

Should they choose Defence Options 3 (Personal Hearing) in his Statement of Defence, they will attend the Disciplinary Committee on Friday, May 15, 2015 at 4pm at the GFA Secretariat to answer to the charge(s), failure which the Disciplinary Committee shall proceed to adjudicate the case in their absence.

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