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03.08.2004 Football News

Sound marketing for Ghana's future soccer development

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Accra, Aug 3, GNA - Sound marketing policies by all clubs has been identified as the only way out of the doldrums of "the no money syndrome" that is stalling the game's progress in the country.

In an interview with the GNA Sports in Accra, Mr Kudjoe Fianoo, Administrative Secretary of GHALCA said the present system where the country's soccer hinges on the benevolence of a few rich individuals and from proceeds of matches was not enough and does not auger well for the games development. He said this situation has persisted over the years because clubs in Ghana do not know the meaning of marketing and do not want to change from their old ways to brace the future.

Mr Fianoo said presently the yearly survival of the clubs on most occasions was by divine grace and that is why soccer administration is always shrouded in mysteries that only those involved in it can unravel. "Presently modern soccer everywhere thrives on sound marketing policies which brings in millions in advertising money needed to pay the big stars as well as recruit players who can make the difference when the need be."

"But in Ghana the story is totally different, instead of opening up clubs to attract the needed goodwill that would attract the right sponsorship for smooth running of the game, everything is done in camera," he added. Mr Fianoo said what is happening presently is very sad because clubs do not even know how much they are worth hence they are prepared to accept anything thrown at them in terms of sponsorship.

"This situation has ensured that clubs are mostly short changed by sponsors who benefit more from sponsorship deals at the expense of poor clubs who are so poor that they are prepared to accept anything thrown at them." He said the situation is not restricted to only the clubs since the Ghana Football Association is also facing similar problems as they are presently in a tussle with the league title sponsors, Kinapharma over the amount of money they put into which is far below what the league is worth.

Mr Fianoo said until all clubs quantify their worth in monetary terms of their players, assets and goodwill, they would not attract the right sponsorship. The Administrative Secretary urged all clubs to set up marketing departments to give them the needed exposure and goodwill that would bring the needed cash to steer Ghana's football from its present situation of being at the benevolence of individuals and dependent on inadequate gate proceeds for their survival.

"We at GHALCA have definitely seen the way forward and that is the very reason why we went to South Africa to study the way soccer is administered there to apply it to the Ghanaian situation." GHALCA has in recent times been at the forefront of soccer marketing with the organisation of the hugely successful Coca Cola Top Four competition, which is bringing in millions of advertisement money into the game.

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