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28.07.2004 General News

World Bank Is Sowing Seeds Of Tribal Discontent -CPP

By CPP UK Secretariat
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The World Bank Is Sowing Seeds Of Tribal Discontent, and Funding “ Creeping Federalism” - CPP

Kwame Nkrumah had opened our eyes long ago to the tactics and intrigues of those who would seek to keep Africa and Africans divided and under-developed. He thought us that despite pretensions to justice and fair play, “they always seek their interest first”, that they will “devise systems which will generate intense rivalries and conflicts”, that they will resort to tricks which “will highlight and exploit differences of religion, culture, tribe, race, outlook and political ideology”, that they will “manoeuvre men and governments”, all “designed to thwart, balk, corrupt or pervert the true independence of a sovereign people”.

The evidence of Dr Nkrumah's teachings and predictions are there around us for all to see and has been there for 40 years – externally fermented wars on the African continent have been all too common and some in our backyard still rage on, designed as a tool to control Africa and to keep it under- developed.

The World Bank's reported granting of a $30million can only be described an as action which undermines the very nature and fabric of our unitary state.

Ghana is a State with Unitary Government and our founding fathers fought federalists long and hard to establish such a system for our beloved country. The system has served us well, nurturing tribal harmony, uniting the country and has given us relative stability.

The World Bank in granting funds for development to separate traditional councils and the utterances from World Bank Headquarters can only be described as meddling and undermining our Unitary state, resurrecting the rancor and tensions of federalism, slain 50 years ago.

The World Bank would seem to be funding creeping federalism in our beloved Ghana.

When the floodgates are open for every chief to trek the globe seeking funds for the development of his/her traditional area Ghana will have become a de facto Federal State, and this will return Ghana to the era of the NLM and “Mate Me Ho” politics.

The funds are almost certainly needed for development, but which region of Ghana does not need $30million dollars for development? If it is development that the World Bank is truely interested in then it should set up a “Traditional Council Fund” to be controlled and dispersed to each traditional area according to need.

We would ask James Wolfenson and the World Bank to stop meddling in the affairs of Ghana's Statehood, and respectfully ask our Chiefs not to fall for the age old “divide and rule” tactics of our detractors.

A CPP government will not tolerate such blatant attempts to undermine our sovereignty and we believe no other Party in Ghana other than perhaps the ruling NPP who by their inaction are seemingly supporting such meddling.

Those in the NPP who may not be aware of such an agenda should rapidly become aware and be on the side of a united Ghana, developing in harmony , for when the history of Ghana is written they cannot claim to have been unaware when the seeds of tribal discontent and division were sown on the watch of an NPP government.

Yours In Defence Of Ghana's Sovereignty

CPP UK Secretariat

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