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21.06.2014 Sports News

Whoa! Prophet accurately predicts USA scare, says Ghana will qualify

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This is quite scary and mindboggling. It will be surprising to many, even for those who don't subscribe to spirituality and superstition.

Why? This Prophet (in the video above), in a sermon recorded on Sunday June 15, accurately predicted that Ghana will have a major scare against the USA, just a day before the Black Stars surprisingly lost 2-1 to the Americans in their opening FIFA World Cup 2014 game in Natal.

"Tomorrow, Ghana is playing, and it doesn't look good at all," he began. "I see a lot of Ghanaian becoming angry, whining and moaning a lot. Tomorrow won't be simple at all. It will be very, very difficult," he is heard telling his congregation (translated from the Twi language).

What is even more interesting is the subsequent prophecy, that should sound pleasing to most Ghanaians: he went on to state with absolute confidence that Ghana will qualify out of their group containing three-time champions Germany, Cristiano Ronaldo-led Portugal and the US.

"Even if we lose, what I'm telling you today is that Ghana will qualify to the next stage of the tournament. Don't be discouraged.

"I'm a prophet, and it's my nation that is going to do battle on the pitch. It won't go well for us in our first game, but that notwithstanding, Ghana will qualify to the next stage. Don't lose hope and don't talk too much when it happens. Take it like that. You should expect that in the Group stages, all that I've said will come to pass."

The prophet also went on to stress that none of his prophesies have been popular.

"Which of my prophecies is without controversy? My prophecies always bring panic and fear . When I said the (2012) elections wouldn't go the way of the NPP (New Patriotic Party, Ghana's main opposition Party) everyone said 'You're lying!'. But we all saw what happened. My prophecies are never easy (to deal with). It will leave you with a lot of fear.

"And so the fear will commence tomorrow (when Ghana play the US). It wouldn't be fear on a small scale. It will be very serious. There will be a lot of worry amongst Ghanaians. If I were you, knowing what I've told you, I would just rest."

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