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The Remarkable Story Of Seer Sporting Club: Players Collected Trash To Fund Purchase Of Team Jersey

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By George Osei

The story of Seer Sporting Club cannot be written completely without the recount of how players of the team contributed towards the purchase of a jersey for the club.

With resources hard to come by and the club knowing it would be playing league football this season, management came out with a plan to raise funds to support their campaign.

Among those initiatives was in tasking its players to collect waste products (cans, plastics and other materials) which it sold to raise money in purchasing a jersey and other equipments for the club.

This was a remarkable initiative taken by the management of the club and it demonstrates the determination of how they want to succeed even with very little resources.

Seer Sporting club has come a long way since its formation in 2000 and this sporting institution has chalked some successes over this period including now being registered as a league playing club.

The Madina based club plays in the Ga East 3rd division league, making a case for themselves in Zone One in this their debut season.

The club was established by Coach Vincent Abbew as a model one based on a principle of teaching soccer skills, horning and developing talents in the most complete form of the game.

Coach Abbew, who is one of Ghana's hard working young technical brains, has been in charge of the current crop of players since day one and is on the verge of producing something remarkable in the Ghanaian game.

He recruited them at ages seven, eight and nine, and has taken them through a host of technical drills and thrills over the years which has seen them emerge as a very formidable force in the game.

In the ongoing 3rd division league they are competing in, Seer Sporting Club top their zone and although qualifying to the 2nd division according to Coach Abbew is not top priority, it would not be out of place if they make it to the next level.

Reaching that next step would require a lot more resources and effort and this coach Abbew is very much aware of and is determined to put it right.

He is bent on producing some of the best players in Ghana and according to him; he has a couple of boys who are ready to step up to the table both locally and on the international stage.

His players as he puts it don't play with fear and despite them playing in the lower leagues, can compete at any level if given the opportunity.

It is this opportunity that they are waiting for, and, if the efforts they put in in helping the team acquire a jersey and other equipments is anything to go by, then it wouldn't be that long before some of them make that breakthrough.

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