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By Jacob Ashun Junior

Misconduct Charges Against Mr. M.N.S Doe-The Central Region Football Association Chairman.

Expulsion of 2nd Division club from league Article 51.3.2 of the GFA Statutes. M.N.S Doe upon persistent reminder refuse to respect the spirit of the GFA statutes and expelled Asafo United F/C from the current 2nd Division in central region. Even after GFA directed M.N.S. Doe through George Afriyie to allow Asafo United to register and play the league as his action was illegal and inimical to the status of the GFA, M.N.S. Doe stupidly refused to allow Asafo United to register just to pursue his corrupt practices s usual. In spite of the fact that the Coach of Asafo United F/C Stephen-0549943511 together with Awudu Yamba-0207062512 chairman of supporters Union of Asafo United went to cape coast to register the players based on earlier phone call conversation between George Afriyie and the Vice president of Asafo United Kwesi Donkor Tuafo -0244730703 followed by phone call conversation between Vice President Kwesi Donkor Tuafo and M.N.S. Doe confirming what George Afriyie directed. But M.N.S. Doe asked them to meet the following conditions:

1. Go and withdraw the case against the registration of Hubert Kakyi Ampah by Asante Kotoko filed at the player status committee of the GFA by Asafo United Football Club.

2. Allow Swedru All Blacks to use Asafo United sport stadium for free to play their league matches before he w ill allow Asafo united football club to register to play the league.

A lot of teams in central region have suffered such illegal acts in the hands of M.N.S. Doe and as result dropped out the central regional football league. This is the cause of high turn out rate of teams in central region resulting in the deprivation of the talented youth of the opportunities football brings to the individuals, families and the communities at large to reduce the poverty levels of the people.

M.N.S. Doe's action is contravening Article 50.3 of the GFA Statutes by failing to supervise the regional juvenile football committee.

MNS Doe's actions are contravening Article 50.6 f the GFA Statutes by failing to implement decisions of GFA at district level in furtherance of objectives of the GFA. Abridging the 2009/10 2nd division league in contravention of Article 51.3.1of the GFA Statutes.

Hence all the current operations of the RFA are against the provisions of GFA article 49

The last regional football congress did not have the right constituent member bodies, and hence it was illegally and its activities must be declared null and void and a fresh congress structured and conforming to the structure of the GFA. as provided by Article 49.4 of the GFA Statutes.

MNS Doe's actions are in contravention of Article 49.5 of the GFA Statutes in failing to hold annual congress and thereby failing to provide the reports of the regional executive committee including audited financial statements.

As such by the provisions of Article 51.4 of the GFA Statutes any such decisions taken in contravention of these statues shall be declared null and void.

Article 34.1 of the GFA Statutes talks about Embezzling association funds: For the past few years there have been no audited accounts and/or budget upon several demands by member clubs and by the FA regulations and bylaws. Failure to produce audited accounts is a breach of the FA regulations. To further buttress this fact, he has also taken organization and affiliation fees from clubs (Asafo United F/C and denied them from playing in the league). This is a dishonest and fraudulent.

GFA Article 34.1.2
He is inefficient and negligent: Registering Hubert Kwakye Ampah (player status committee case # A315 ) to All Blacks and Kumasi Asante Kotoko F/C with fraudulent documents. Despite M.N.S. Doe receiving cautioning letters from Asafo United F/C. Mr. Doe and the RFA went ahead, aided and abetted in the fraudulent registration of the player. Even though the player participated actively for Asafo United F/C in the 2nd division in the same zone with Swedru All Blacks in the previous seasons.

Blatantly refusing to run football according to the laws of the game by consistently refusing to organize executive committee elections as required under GFA article...

Mr Doe and his RFA outfit carefully design and operate various fraudulent schemes aimed at siphoning and sucking monies from poor, naive and voiceless 2nd division teams in the central region using the yellow card, red cards and various fictitious fines. Schemes that clearly contravene GFA rules and borders on plain and deliberate criminality. Teams like Mankrong Terrors F/C, Apatakofi F/C, Duakwa AM-Vidal F/C, Gomoaman Dahlin F/C, Real Oman F/C are only but a few teams in the district that have suffered from Mr. Does fraudulent vampire schemes of operation These actions only deny the children (boys and girls) of Ghana from getting a fair chance to participate and play the sport of they love.

Poor communication systems and strategies:
G.F.A. Article 34.1.4. Engaging in acts that bring the name of the game into disrepute.

For the past 4 years central region division 2 league has been saddled and characterized with disputes, abrupt league endings, long delays and breaks, disorganized and fraudulent middle league campaigns, fraudulent player registrations, player and club litigations, constant allegation of bribery, lack of sponsorship, poor officiating and general lack of focus and direction in league administration and inconsistent interpretation of the FA by-laws by the RFA and its chairman.

Fraudulently condoning and conniving with Swedru All Blacks to sell Asafo United F/C player, Hubert Kwakye-Ampah to Kumasi Asante Kotoko F/C.

Mr. M.N.S Doe has clearly demonstrated that he has no respect for the laws of the game, and neither the vision, intelligence, alertness of mind, attention to detail nor abreast with the trends in modern day football structures. Clearly failing to continually improve his knowledge in football management skills over the years.

2nd division teams in the central region currently pay the highest affiliation and organization fees (500GHC for new clubs and 400GHC for old clubs....GT teams currently pay 35GHC) among all the 10 regions and yet receive the most corrupt, poorest and most incompetent service for returns.

The same way the league was organized and run 30 years ago, so it is done today with Mr.M.N.S Doe in the central region, the only that has changed over the years are the fees.

Non-existent leagues:
Regional juvenile leagues, district 3rd and 4th division leagues, adult leagues, women's leagues and recreational leagues.

M.N.S. Doe has succeeded in killing all juvenile leagues in Central over the 30 years as the RFA Chairman .No 3rd Division and 4th Division leagues in any part of central region there depriving the talented footballers in the region and all the various districts the opportunity earn a career in football to reduce the poverty levels among people in rural areas of Central region. He is killing them softly from the huge benefits from football. All must help to impeach/ remove M.N.S. Doe from office to save the future of our children in central region.

We therefore strongly urge Mr. M.N.S Doe to resign honorably from his long hard service to central region football or risk destroying his hard won reputation and an embarrassing of impeachment, removal from office and criminal proceedings.

All those in support should fill in the form bellow, sign and call this number 0244160604 for further directions.

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Jacob Ashun Junior
Alice Foundation Soccer Academy

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