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EK Afranie hits back at Damba, insists Stephen Adams is good enough for the Black Stars

Stephen Adams' super performance at CHAN is a subject of intense debate in GhanaStephen Adams' super performance at CHAN is a subject of intense debate in Ghana
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By Patrick Akoto
Legendary Ghanaian coach EK Afranie has dismissed Abubakar Damba's claims that Stephen Adams is not matured enough to merit a place in the Black Stars squad.

The ex-Ghanaian goalkeeper claimed this week that the 24-year-old was not ripe enough to be rushed into the Black Stars despite excelling at the ongoing CHAN tournament in South Africa.

He insists his progression into the team needs to be slow as it could cripple his international career if he doesn't meet expectations.

“He needs to learn from the side lines, before he can be robed in for the main Black Stars team. But I think he is a prospect in the near future, so he needs to be encouraged,” Damba said

“Although I don't think the time is due for him to guard the Stars post or get a call-up into the main team, he needs to be called as a fourth goalkeeper to under-study the team in the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.

“If he is rushed and unfortunately things don't go on well, we will kill his spirit and that will be the end for him.”

However Afranie disagrees and has launched a subtle response to the claims, insisting the Aduana Stars shot-stopper is developed enough to be in post.

“I don't the basis for the claims but I think he (Adams) is more than ripe for the Black Stars,” he noted.

“What else does he need to do to show us of his capabilities? CHAN may not be close to the World Cup stage but it's also a big stage.

“Look at the quality of the performance of the various teams. I have been in love with that guy for his heroics.

“He has been outstanding and deserves to be in the team if he continues like this.

“Was that not the same situation with Daniel Agyei before he was robed into the team? So what are people talking about?

“He also deserves a chance to prove his worth. If we don't try him how can we then conclude that he is not matured yet?  The young man has been consistent for his team and you say what?

He emphasized: I will go for him at anytime. The national team belongs to all Ghanaians and so if you're doing well, you must be encouraged.”

Adams shattered Damab's criticism when he emerged the hero during the shootouts which saw Ghana defeat Nigeria to set-up a final showdown against Libya on Saturday.

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