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17.11.2013 Sports News

National interest over personal glory for Appiah

By Ghana FA
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Though he remains on the verge of becoming the first national to qualify Ghana to the World Cup, Kwesi Appiah is putting the country's interest first.

Ghana's two previous World Cup qualification and appearances in 2006 and 2010 were master-minded by expatriate coaches.

Appiah, an assistant at the last World Cup is now 90 minutes away of handing Ghana a third-straight qualification as the Black Stars with a 6-1 first-leg win face Egypt in Tuesday in Cairo in the second-leg

Despite the plaudits that will come his way, Appiah says the interest of the nation matters.

"The most important thing is, it's about the nation. I am not only looking at myself. I am looking at Ghana qualifying for the World Cup," Appiah told

"Fine, it's good that a Ghanaian has been given the opportunity."

"I believe every human-being, once given the opportunity to perform can achieve the results. A Ghanaian can also achieve something for the nation."

However, Appiah believes his rise and achievement can be celebrated by all Ghanaians.

"I am a human-being. There is no way I can say I am not happy. I am really happy to be part of the team. It's not about me. I always believe that the playing body have done well, they've been behind me in all aspects.

"My colleague coaches, they've all played a part and for me, all Ghanaians have been very supportive and being behind me.

"The good thing is, I am a Ghanaian. I would have been a very proud Ghanaian if it wasn't even me and a fellow Ghanaian was taking Ghana to the World Cup.

"Ghanaians have always been behind me and every honour goes back to them."

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