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11.03.2013 Sports News

Tunisia Ligue 1: Olympique de Beja and EGS Gafsa threatening to leave the championship!

By Moutakilou MUMUNI -
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More than two days to the end of the Tunisian Ligue 1. But the championship is far from a happy ending cash know for the first phase.

Both clubs of the championship, Olympique de Beja and EGS Gafsa and threaten to leave the competition.

Reason : These leaders believe to be affected by the political and sports authorities and accuse the President of CS Hammam-Lif, Adel DaaDaa of relying on his political friendships to ensure good results in his team.

Some clubs want to follow the footsteps of Gafsa and Beja. These clubs write to the Department to indicate their position.

These first signs of an end of season are very tense surely to put pressure on the Tunisian Football Federation and the National League of Professional Football.

The Tunisian Football Federation will doubtlessly know and end of the season and the delicate moment, it will be relieved when the truce of a few weeks due to the selection meeting spot for the third day.


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