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29.09.2003 Football News

'We were all laughing afterwards" -Alberta Sackey

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Ghana head coach Okoe Aryee

We knew we just had to play all out. In the first two matches, we were unaware of what China and Russia had in store. We had to be careful. Tonight, we had nothing to lose whether we won or lost.

Australia head coach Adrian Santrac

The first half was really disappointing. Ghana came to play with the passion and pride we expected and we sat back and waited for things to develop. I’m still scratching my head wondering what happened in the first half.

Ghana forward Alberta Sackey

On their first win in world cup history: "I feel great. We were all laughing afterwards"

On the difference to playing here in Portland as opposed to L.A. after the team spent several weeks training in the city prior to the WWC:

"Yeah, our comfort zone was here. We felt at home. We felt like we were playing at home in Ghana."

On her feelings about the tournament as a whole: "We knew we had nothing to lose, and we wanted to play our hearts out. At least we won one game. We knew we had to do something."

On if the result will change attitudes in Ghana about women's soccer: "Yeah, there will be a big change. Now they will understand, because they were showing it live in Ghana."

Australia goalkeeper Melissa Barbieri

On if they were nervous, knowing that they could possibly finish in second place with a win: "As a team, I think we strive for more of the play. I think we were trying too hard and we were ineffective with our possession. So instead of going forward and attacking, we were trying to get position and keep possession in midfield."

On if they played too passively or with too much hesitance: "Not really hesitation. We tried to stay positive with our passes and spread the ball around. Unfortunately, it went the wrong way. We tried to do our jobs and keep it simple. But this is real soccer. Anything can happen. You can have a great plan and stick to it, but things can happen anyway."

On if the Ghana players were stronger and more physical: "Not stronger, but they were more experienced with their tackling. We were sometimes surprised by the ways that they were coming at us and by their speed. When they come to challenge you, you think you've beaten them, and then there is a little more pace to them. So not really physically stronger, but in the end, they were physical when it counted."

Australia forward Kelly Golebiowski

On the difference between the last 25 minutes of the match and the first half: "The first half of the game, we just lost. We didn't show up. We won the second half and we started moving the ball around, but we lost the game in the first half."

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