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7 March 2012 | Opinion/Feature

NAG Welcomes SWAG’S Move

El-Amisty Nobo -
NAG Welcomes SWAG’S Move

Rev. E. Danso President of the Ghana Netball Association (NAG) has on behalf of the association congratulated the Sports Writers Association of Ghana (SWAG) move to placing it members on all the associations under the National Sports Authority.

Speaking in an Executive member's committee meeting the president said, “If SWAG is going to help us to propagate our humble seeds then I think we are also going to be heard because the only sports that the ordinary Ghanaian knows is only football and it's sad to say the least because if you go to South Africa, Netball is the number two sports so we welcome SWAG's move in good faith and it's our hope that it is not going to be a-nine-day wonder”.

“We at SWAG don't know anything called lesser known sports. What we know is rather developing sports and writing and reporting is our core duty and beside that we are apostles of all games so we as an association wrote to the National Sports Authority to give us the go ahead so that we'll intend place some of our committed members on the various associations just to help develop the sports through our job”, El-Amisty Nobo who has been attached to the Ghana Netball Association told the Executive members.

“I'm not here just as Amisty but SWAG and I can say with all confidence that I will go all length in helping the Netball Association of Ghana to surpass where it reached in the 60's and 70's where Ghana was counted among the best in Africa and the World at large”, Amisty Nobo added.

SWAG in due course will write to the Ministry of Youth and Sports to explain the need to supporting some of these so called 'lesser known sports' since it has the ability to creating job opportunities for the youth.

By: El-Amisty Nobo/Freelance Journalist

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