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28.12.2010 Diaspora (USA)


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Clap! Clap! Clap! What a performance! What President Mills lacks in his ability to run the country, he more than makes up in cheap propaganda. The time and energy he spends portraying himself as the incorruptible is so disproportionately huge that it reminds us about the guilty criminal who tries to go out of his way to portray his innocence. What is laughable in President Mills' insatiable quest to portray himself as incorruptible is that he has so far presented not an iota of evidence to support his campaign. NPP-USA urges President Mills to spend his time figuring out how to take control over his out-of-control government and stop wasting our time with political posturing because we are not buying the propaganda.

Last year President Mills invited an NPP bigwig over to a meeting at the Castle. Next he had someone apparently offer him a bribe in the presence of that NPP bigwig. Next he declined to accept the bribe. The following day, it was all over the news that President Mills declined a brown envelope offered to him – in front of a member of the opposition party. Are you kidding? If this was not a staged Ghollywood performance worthy of an award, nothing would qualify.

Recently, President Mills was at it again. He made a big deal in a complaint to the United States Ambassador that he is concerned about some members of his government who have supposedly been “compromised” in the area of drug trafficking. As such he wanted equipments installed at the VIP lounge at Kotoka International Airport to scan members of his entourage for drugs lest he be embarrassed. Again, no evidence was given nor any names mentioned. Not only was this an admission that Mills, as president, does not have control over members of his administration, it indicates he is so inept that he cannot do something about members of his government committing crimes that he knows about. More importantly, it is a circumstantial evidence that president Mills is anti-corrupt

Just last week, it was revealed that in a February meeting with officials from the United States government, President Mills complained that some officials from U S companies have attempted to offer him bribery packages and that he was offended by their offer. Someone comes to a country over which you preside, offers you a bribe, you do not accept it, you are offended by the offer, and yet as president you do nothing about it but complain? What kind of president is this? Why is he so reluctant to identify the people who are committing crimes all around him? Could the explanation lay in the fact that President Mills himself is compromised?

The fact is that anyone can take a bribe in secrecy, then turn around and publicly complain about the offer and how it offended him. Anyone can bask on the comfort that the person who gave the bribe would never come out to contradict such a public display of Hollier-than-thou because such revelations would implicate that person in a crime. So the question is “did President Mills accept the bribes and then turned around to publicly complain about them?” If not, then the president has an opportunity to name all these shadowy figures who have supposedly offered him bribes that he has turned down.

As far as NPP-USA is concerned, failure on the part of the president to name the guilty parties is a loud suggestion that he indeed accepted the bribes. Ghanaians have had enough of unsubstantiated allegations and accusations designed to throw dust into their eyes and position otherwise corrupt leaders and politicians as saints. President Mills' family land laid bare for decades undeveloped. All of a sudden when he became president, massive development of that land is going on as we speak. An elaborate mansion is said to be in accelerated construction on that land. Yet we wake up every morning to hear how he has turned down another bribe offered to him. Again we call on President Mills to name names, of concede that he indeed accepted the bribes. There can be no other way or a middle position. If he wants Ghanaians to conclusively believe that he is indeed the incorruptible saint, here is a ones-and-for-all opportunity to reveal the names of those who he claims have committed criminal offenses against our country.

Moving forward, Ghanaians must demand better from our government officials. It should no longer be acceptable for anyone to hurl unsubstantiated accusations at opponents, nor should it be acceptable for anyone to claim a sainthood status without supporting such claims with facts. We await President Mills' acceptance of this challenge. For the last time failure on his part constitutes a concession that he accepted those bribes offered to him.

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