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12.08.2009 Crime & Punishment

Court jails street hawker for stealing

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Dormaa Ahenkro (B/A), Aug. 12, GNA - The Dormaa circuit court presided by Justice V.C. Senu has sentenced Clement Adu Gyamfi, a street hawker who stole money and a mobile phone from two shops in Dormaa Ahenkro to 18 months imprisonment in hard labour.

Gyamfi, a resident of Koforidua in the Eastern region, pleaded guilty to stealing GH ¢10.00 and a cell phone on July 25.

Prosecuting Police Chief Inspector Matthew Yeboah told the court that he bought three cakes of sunlight soap and a tin of milk all valued at GH

¢2.35 in a shop.
Whilst the storekeeper was engaged by another customer Gyamfi picked GH ¢10 on the counter and sneaked out of the store.

He said the keeper detected the theft and raised the alarm and when Gyamfi was apprehended and searched the cell phone, which he had picked from another store, was found on him.

The same court slapped another 18 months imprisonment on a labourer who stole burnt bricks belonging to a customer of his employer.

Mohammed Ali pleaded guilty to the charge of stealing the bricks and was also ordered by the court to refund GH ¢230 to the customer or face another 24 months in jail.

Police Chief Inspector Yeboah said a poultry farmer bought 8,200 pieces of burnt bricks for a project from Ali's workplace, a burnt brick factory in Dormaa Ahenkro.

Ali and some labourers were detailed to convey the bricks to the customer's building site but Ali began stealing the bricks until July 26 when he brought a truck to collect the remaining.

The prosecutor said a witness who took the registration number of the truck as the bricks were being loaded reported the matter to the owner of the bricks.

The developer traced the vehicle whose driver led him to another person who bought the bricks from Ali.

Upon interrogation this person led the developer and the driver to Ali who confessed having stolen the bricks.


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